Ademero, Inc. Announces Content Central™ Version 4.1

February 04, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
TAMPA, FLA., USA – FEBRUARY 4, 2008 – Ademero, Inc. today announced the release of Content Central™ version 4.1. Version 4 of the browser-based document management software application includes several features designed to improve office productivity.

Comply with State & Federal Document-Retention Regulations
Content Central™ now helps businesses comply with state and federal document-retention regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Administrators define the period of time documents should be retained within each document collection. When documents expire, they will be automatically removed from the system. Users with special permission can define retention policies at the document level.

Increase Productivity with Workflow Rules

Workflow rules provide a means to automatically advance documents from one user to another. Commonly used in approval processing, workflow lets users complete work-related tasks normally triggered by the content of documents. Users either approve or reject documents that arrive in their work queue using an easy-to-use interface. "Configuring and using workflow in Content Central™ couldn't be easier! Our customers will greatly benefit from this new feature in our cutting-edge document management solution," says Manuel Montesino, marketing director for Ademero, Inc.

As a fully browser-based document management system, Content Central™ extends the boundaries of a traditional office. Once the content of a document has been captured, credentialed users can access it for review, modification, and management from any computer on the World Wide Web.

Maintain a Complete History of Every Document

From content modifications to document approval, the Content Central™ versioning system maintains a complete revision history for each document. Users can access and download older versions of a document at any time, allowing for comparisons to the current version. The document version history log displays details for each version.

Automatically Assign Document Properties with Zonal OCR

A common feature found in document imaging software, the new Zonal OCR engine extracts text from scanned document pages to automatically populate document property fields during the capture process. Zonal OCR works best with document forms, such as applications, invoices, and work orders. Less data-entry requirements exist when employing Zonal OCR, thus reducing the chance for human error when entering document properties by hand.

Capture Content using XML

As a flexible integration tool, the new XML capture engine allows both scanned images and electronic-document formats to be captured with ease. An XML file describing the content type, document properties, and destination of a document can be dropped into the XML-based capture folder. Along with integrating with real-time applications, XML capture can be used for conversions to Content Central™ from older document management systems.
About Ademero, Inc.

Ademero develops document management software and enterprise content management software and provides professional services related to both. Based largely on user experience, the company's flagship product, Content Central™, is a browser-based document management system created to provide businesses and other organizations with a convenient way to capture, retrieve, and manage information originating in hard copy or digital form.

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