DiY Singapore Search Engine Marketing developed by Stephen M. Noton

July 24, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Do it Yourself Search Engine Marketing, developed by Stephen M. Noton.

The DiY Singapore Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the answer many SME’s and small business owners have been looking for. “This system allows even the smallest website owner to benefit from the same systems the Fortune 500’s use” says Stephen M. Noton the creator of this service.

What does this service offer, well for starters it let you know of the easy to use, DiY options on the market for example the Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing programs. It also talks about the upcoming MSN AdCenter, which is sure to bring a value option to those seeking complete exposure on the major search engines. It also offers the Singapore company the chance to learn what Search Engine Marketing is and gives case studies on some of the companies that are currently benefiting from Search Engine Marketing.

The service even offers up free trial offers and instant discounts to some of the most popular programs, “We wanted to give more then just information” said Stephen Noton and more is just what he did. We counted a total of over $180 is discounts and we even found a couple services we’d never used yet.

Not to leave Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out of the offering, Mr. Noton has built a DiY Search Engine Optimization service. This service like the DiY SEM gives people the chance to correctly understand and SEO gives the really keen users a chance to put the best practices in place for their websites.

Stephen Noton’s information pooled on his DiY section came from a wide range of sources, Microsoft supplied a large amount of information as they are actively trying to help businesses succeed on the Internet as well as Google who helped Stephen via its webmaster program at Google. Not to be left out Yahoo also provided valuable bits of information along the way, which gave his information a nice nonbiased look at Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

To get more information on the DiY Search Engine Marketing service offered by Stephen M. Noton please visit on that website you’ll also find information about the Adverted Internet Advertising Agency that is run by Stephen M. Noton and all the other services available to his clients. If you are keen to learn more about DiY Search Engine Optimization you can visit the webpage at Adverted Internet Advertising Agency.

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