ACOM Healthcare Business Consulting Group Announces Performance Guarantee on Chiropractic Consulting Services

February 05, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
MT. VERNON, Ohio, February 5, 2008 – In a significant first for the chiropractic profession, the ACOM Healthcare Business Consulting Group has introduced a performance guarantee that removes any risk for a chiropractor or practice engaging the Group’s on-site chiropractic consulting services, it was announced today by Bharon Hoag, senior consultant.

ACOM guarantees that annualized claims collections will increase by a minimum amount equal to the consulting fee. If they fail to do so, ACOM will refund an amount equivalent to the difference between the guaranteed amount and the annualized amount. Clients have no out of pocket risk, with the potential for significant upside in annual collections.

“During our two-day office visit, we conduct a deep analysis of the practice’s business management, case management, and billing, coding and documentation processes,” Hoag said. “We study everything from the organization and flow of office activities to the paperwork and forms that are used in a typical day. We examine the clinic’s chiropractic coding and documentation processes and educate the clinicians and their staffs on how to code in order to increase revenue on each patient visit as well as to prevent payment delays, rejections and audits.”

At the end of the on-site visit, ACOM documents any existing problems and proposes alternative procedures based on previous experience and knowledge from extensive work with hundreds of clinics. Following the on-site visit, clients are provided a period of remote coaching, with the entire process directed toward getting them paid fully and fairly for all services performed, in a more effective office environment.

“We have absolute confidence in the effectiveness of our consulting services, and we confirmed it recently with an in-depth study of results realized by a cross-section of our clientele that revealed an average per-patient visit revenue increase of 30 percent,” Hoag said.

Besides increasing per-patient visit income, the Consulting Group’s services routinely lead to improvements in other areas as well, including:
-Reduced patient waiting time
-Diversion of staff from routine office work to revenue-producing activities
-Shorter, higher quality patient visits
-More patients per day
-Higher rate of conversion to wellness programs
-Better overall patient retention rate

“The year 2008 is the year for chiropractors to opt for greater prosperity,” Hoag said. “At ACOM we are putting our money where our mouth is to help them make it happen.”

About ACOM’s Healthcare Business Consulting Group

The ACOM Healthcare Business Consulting Group, a professional services unit of ACOM Solutions, Inc., enables doctors to ethically collect fully for all services performed while protecting themselves against audits, payback demands and possible legal actions. The Group’s chiropractic consultants diagnose practice problems and provide options for improving chiropractic office operations and addressing the critical coding and document issues that are unique to the profession. The Healthcare Business Division develops and markets chiropractic software for clinical documentation/reporting and practice management.

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