DRE Medical Equipment Introduces Touchscreen Wireless Telemetry/Patient Data Management System

February 08, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Louisville, KY (USA) — DRE Inc., a premier international medical and surgical equipment supplier, introduces the DRE Envoy PDM, a new, "all-in-one" central station telemetry monitor that features an intuitive patient data management system and an easy-to-use touchscreen.

The DRE Envoy PDM (Patient Data Management) Wireless Telemetry System allows physicians to wirelessly monitor vital signs of as many as six patients in their medical facility from a central location. A wireless transmitter sends vital sign data from bedside monitors to the Envoy PDM in real time.

Unlike traditional telemetry systems, which typically resemble desktop PCs, all central station components of the Envoy PDM are housed in an all-inclusive device that is similar to the size and appearance of a 15-inch computer monitor. The Envoy PDM also features an easy-to-use touchscreen that eliminates the need for a keyboard and further decreases the size of its footprint.

In addition to being a telemetry system, the Envoy PDM is a patient data management system that surgeons can use to compile patient information such as medical history, medications and treatment. The patient database helps telemetry operators compare onscreen vital signs with demographics of a patient.

The Envoy PDM seamlessly integrates with the DRE Waveline Plus, a seven-parameter patient monitor. Vital signs from up to six DRE Waveline Plus monitors can be tracked and stored on the Envoy PDM in real time. Vital sign data is sent to the Envoy PDM via a wireless transmitter that attaches to the back of the Waveline Plus. The transmitter allows surgeons to transport the Waveline Plus from pre-operation to surgery and through recovery while maintaining the wireless link between the monitor and the Envoy PDM.

The Envoy PDM is DRE's latest entry in the medical telemetry market. In addition to the Envoy PDM, DRE has also supplied the DRE Envoy TS vital signs telemetry system to ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient surgery centers and oral surgery centers.

The DRE Envoy TS monitors vitals signs via bedside monitor transmitters and portable ECG transmitters. At less than four ounces, the wireless, lightweight ECG transmitters can be used to monitor mobile patients who are capable of moving throughout a medical facility.

The Envoy TS seamlessly integrates with the DRE Spectra AG5 anesthesia gas monitor. Any combination of up to sixteen ECG transmitters and Spectra AG5 monitors can be linked to the Envoy TS central station.

Both the Envoy PDM and the Envoy TS are available now from DRE. Each telemetry system features automatic charting; full disclosure; manual recording (ECG analysis); trends, charts and strips for arrhythmia; detection of ECG data; and color waveforms.

About DRE Inc.

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