Domino ISG Announces Turn-Key RFID Solution for Sam’s Club RFID Mandate

February 07, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Dallas, TX – February 7, 2008 – Domino Integrated Solutions Group (Americas), leading Global AIDC integrator, announces the availability of its compliance programs tailored to meet recent updates to the Sam’s Club RFID mandate requiring RFID compliant shipments by January 31, 2008. Domino ISG’s Sam’s Club specific compliance solutions include Compliance 1st™, which provides basic RFID compliance, Compliance NextSteps™ for inline packaging compliance and HIDE-Pack™ offering RFID enabled packaging.

Sam’s Club recently refined its EPC/RFID mandate requiring shipments to its DeSoto, TX distribution center to comply by January 31, 2008 with follow on distribution centers requiring compliance by October 31, 2008. Failure to meet compliance will now result in per pallet charge-backs according to the Sam’s Club mandate. Domino ISG’s suite of RFID compliance solutions provides all necessary services, hardware and software to enable RFID compliance with Sam’s Club retail mandate including requirements for item-level tagging in 2009 and 2010.

“As the leading integrator of CPG compliance solutions, Domino ISG understands that not all manufacturers require the exact same solution,” said B. Dwain Farley, CEO of Domino ISG (Americas). “With our three tiers of solutions we provide RFID systems that meet immediate needs, and are truly scalable to different levels of integration. Domino ISG understands the science of RFID and has the experience quickly and efficient deploy workable solutions.”

As the first level of Domino ISG’s RFID solution suite, Compliance 1st (C1st) allows companies to reach compliance quickly and inexpensively with a system built around the bare components required to reach compliance. Compliance NextSteps automates the process of placing RFID labels on pallets using automated label application technology. The final tier of solution uses HIDE-Pack technology, which takes RFID to the packaging level by incorporating the RFID label into the boxes that suppliers use to ship their products to Sam’s Club.

Compliance 1st for Sam’s Club concentrates on generating compliant RFID labels for manual application to pallets shipping to Sam’s Clubs distribution centers. C1st includes the software, RFID enabled printer and optional RFID reader and computer to provide a

complete solution. With the PC option of C1st, all necessary software comes pre-installed and configured to generate compliant labels right out of the box. Domino ISG uses epcSolutions’ RFIDTagManager and Zebra Technologies RFID printers to power its C1st solution. Fully featured, C1st retails for $5,995 and with additional options for on-site installation for an additional $1,750 including travel. Options for scaling Compliance 1st include automation and back-end integration to comprise a Compliance NextSteps solution.

As of October 2009, Sam’s Club will require item-level tagging to the DeSoto, TX distribution center with additional item-level tagging required in 2010. Domino ISG addresses this requirement via HIDE-Pack, a patent pending process exclusively available through Domino ISG. HIDE-Pack consists of embedding an RFID inlay within the structure of a package, corrugated case or folding carton so that the inlay is no longer visible outside or inside the package. Effectively, the RFID inlay becomes an integral part of the packaging medium.

DISG is working with a growing number of package manufacturers to provide the RFID enabled packing to CPG suppliers. The HIDE-Pack approach eliminates the need to make capital investments in RFID equipment to print and apply the RFID tags as well as substantially reduces the cost of tags that become part of the packaging.

About Domino Integrated Solutions Group
The Integrated Solutions Group of Domino Printing Sciences Plc is a leading innovator of technologies and full solutions that provide robust traceability, product security, and automatic identification and data collection systems. Domino offers a full integration service that extends from initial needs based consultation, technology evaluation and testing through to full system implementation. By integrating the leading AIDC technologies available and combing these with a data management platform that extends from control over data flows within the enterprise, to transfer to external parties, the company offers an extensive range of modular and scalable track & trace systems. Configurable RFID packages are available that can provide immediate cost benefit and enable customers to avoid unnecessary costs associated with RFID mandates.

Working with customers from initial concept analysis, project migration planning through to full implementation of in-line automated RFID track and trace systems, and combined with its open-platform approach, Domino’s Integrated Solutions Group has the technical and project management expertise to deliver the most appropriate and effective solution to suit individual customer needs. For more information, please visit the company’s website at or call 877.895.2896 or +1 214 338 0104.