U Choose Network is Launched to benefit Advertisers and Digital Sign owners with increased coverage and new revenue

February 19, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Necedah, WI-U Choose Network has announced the launch of a nationwide digital ad content delivery service. Digital signage is the most effective and fastest-growing form of advertising today. But the digital signage industry grew so quickly with no "master plan," that it soon became fragmented — much like a city that grows too quickly with no city planner. In order to get their content on digital signs in a particular region, advertisers and agencies had to contact a myriad of sign owners individually; nationwide coverage was next to impossible.

In response to the market, U Choose Network (UCN) of Necedah, Wis. is introducing a one-of-a-kind nationwide network that allows advertisers to have access to digital signs nationwide from a single Web-hosted portal. The company is offering a free orientation Webinar at 1 p.m. CST on Feb. 27 to show advertisers and agencies how the UCN works and how they can make it work for their clients.

Advertisers or agencies sign up with the UCN and log onto the UCN portal from any Internet-connected computer to upload their content in digital file form. They choose geographically where they would like their ad to run, what types of locations or businesses may display it, what dates they would like their ad to run, and they set their own CPM. Then they set a maximum budget for each campaign.

Sign owners log onto the UCN portal to see the ads available to their businesses. They can select the content that will help them sell more products in their stores, or choose the content that pays the most. As they choose the ads they would like to run on their signs, they see a running total of how much they will get paid for the ads. This gives sign owners two of the things they want most from their digital signage — cash and control.

Once they download an ad, it must run for the duration they set, and the UCN monitors the ads to ensure they are displaying correctly.

Advertisers are billed only for the locations that download their ad, and only after it is verified that their ad did indeed run on the sign. Advertisers or agencies can watch this in real time on their UCN portal.

The beauty of the UCN for advertisers is that their ad dollars are going to the people who actually sell the products the retailers!

"Nothing builds retailer loyalty faster than incentive programs," said David Van Meter, UCN President. "UCN is the ultimate retailer incentive program, where your advertising dollars are your incentive."

UCN is available to anyone with a digital sign or digital signage system. Sign owners purchase a simple piece of hardware, connect it to the Internet and to their screen, and they can immediately begin to earn money through their digital signs.

The UCN is the first network of its kind since the advent of digital signage, and it is available to every digital signage network in the nation. It offers sign owners what they want — cash and control. It offers advertisers and agencies what they want coverage and proof-of-play. In addition, the primary need of both advertisers and retailers increased sales is satisfied.

To find out more about the UCN or to register for the free Webinar, log onto www.ucnmedia.com or call toll-free 866-450-4442.