Lost Pets Are Found and Returned Home Quickly by Global Recovery Service

February 19, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Montreal, Canada - Every day thousands of cats and dogs go missing across North America, and even though hundreds find their way to the local shelters or rescue groups less than 50% are returned to their owners. Now with ReturnMoi’s Pet Tags over 80% of lost pets will return home.

"Many pets never make it back home because finders or shelters cannot identify the owner of the lost animal, or there isn’t an easy way to contact the owner," said Suhail Niazi, President and CEO of ReturnMoi, a global recovery services firm.

"In an attempt to increase the chances of their pets returning home, many owners spend money to have potentially hazardous microchips injected in their pets," said Niazi. "Unfortunately, many times dogs and cats still end up at shelters or with rescue groups because the vet clinic or shelter lack a universal scanner to read the microchips.”

ReturnMoi’s Pet Tags provide a proactive and confidential way for owners to reunite with their lost cats or dogs. Finders are motivated to contact ReturnMoi because ReturnMoi’s system is simple, convenient, rewarding and confidential.

ReturnMoi’s Pet Tags, which are guaranteed for life, are made of a waterproof and durable PVC material ensuring the tags do not get damaged. They are also safe and confidential as no personal information is contained on them. When a pet owner purchases a ReturnMoi Pet Tag all they have to do is activate the unique ID code on each tag at www.ReturnMoi.com and then simply attach the tag to their cat or dog’s collar.

“Helping return a found pet is easy too” said Mubashir Jamal, Director of Marketing of ReturnMoi. “A reward message on the tag motivates the finder to contact ReturnMoi by calling a 24-hour toll-free number. ReturnMoi will then call the owner to pick up their pet. As a ‘thank you’ to the finder, ReturnMoi gives a $50 gift pack to the finder, while the pet’s owner can provide an additional reward."

“So far the response from pet owners has been overwhelming. Pet owners are looking for a simple and convenient way to have their pets returned home. And that’s exactly what ReturnMoi provides,” said Jamal.

ReturnMoi’s Pet Tags retail for $7.99 for a 2-year recovery service and can be purchased at www.ReturnMoi.com/pets . They will also be available soon in select retail Pet stores in North America.

About ReturnMoi™
ReturnMoi™ is a global recovery service that helps return lost and stolen items to their rightful owners. ReturnMoi’s unique and durable ID security labels and tags help identify and protect all types of items ranging from cell phones to laptops, keys to luggage and even cats to dogs. With ReturnMoi’s service, individuals and companies know that when they lose something, it can be identified and returned to them. Finders are motivated to return items because ReturnMoi’s system is simple, convenient, confidential and rewarding. To learn more about visit www.ReturnMoi.com