Midbrook Offers Steam Venting Solution for Parts Washers

February 17, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Midbrook, Inc., of Jackson, Michigan, the world leading provider of process specific, high volume aqueous part cleaning systems is offering an alternative to rooftop steam venting for parts washers.

Parts washers that utilize spray or heating stages unavoidably generate steam, fog and mist during the cleaning process. Obviously, large amounts of steam on the factory floor are not desirable for health or production purposes. The steam in their face will bother workers and also risk the clean part being exposed to excessive humidity. This raises a concern- what to do with the excess steam produced by the washer?

An alternative solution to venting the steam out of the roof is the installation of a Midbrook Mist Reducer to the washer. Midbrook’s Mist Reducer attaches to any washer. It is able to capture steam and fog that is produced in spray cleaning systems that use water with temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, condensate it and then return it back to the wash tank for future use. This, obviously, increases the efficiency of the washer by lowering costs of replacement chemistry and limiting the amount of water that needs to be added to the tank during production.

The Midbrook Mist Reducer can be installed using a minimal amount of equipment and requires limited labor to maintain. Initially, the output from steam is gathered and captured by the mist reducer via a fan that draws the fog and mist from the interior of the wash process house and delivers it continuously to the Mist Reducer.

Once the steam has been collected, the Mist Reducer generates turbulence within its cabinet. As a result of the turbulence, air eddies begin to form. The air eddies propel the small droplets of steam into the porous walls of filters, where they are trapped. At this point, they drain back into the washer and are re-used for their original purpose.

The mist reducer is a relatively uncomplicated assembly which is why it requires little maintenance and is cost efficient to run. It saves money in lost chemicals, and does not require expensive installation of a ductwork system to vent through the roof. By attaching a mist reducer to a parts washer, the washer will have improved efficiency and the cleaning process will be improved.