Cash On Demand Realty Releases New Real Estate Model This Week With Raving Success

February 22, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A brand new model that has been used by the #1 and #2 agents in Georgia was released to all fellow agents today with raving success. "This model offers hope." says one agent who has already purchased the model and put it immediately into their business.

With an upside down market, many agents are struggling with how to stay in business. Traditional agency supplies brokers and agents with money upon a sale. But with sales taking longer and agents spending more money and time to keep houses marketed, agents are left wondering if they can stay in business under the old model. The numbers and results just aren't working out for many brokerages and their agents.

That's where the #1 and #2 agents in Georgia put their heads together and kept their cool. They created a business model that allows themselves and their agents to make commission upfront while the consumer still gets all the marketing that they would receive otherwise, and the consumer gets a discount in the commission.

"Although this seems like it might make a compromise in service, it is not, we have a written agreement with our clients as to the adverising that we will start with and continue to do until the house is sold. And more importantly, by taking the edge off of the commission structure, clients are now able to actually receive and accept an offer without a large commission hindering the sale." said Mike Costigan, the #2 agent in Georgia as reported by the MLS.

"I believe that the most important part of this new model is the empowerment that is given to the agents and the homeowner. Now that everyone knows their role, there is no second guessing on what should be done to get the house sold. The owner has a buy-in to the deal and the agent has the funds to supply the advertising and make a living. The motives are more aligned", said Rhonda Duffy, the #1 agent in Georgia as reported by the MLS.

There is hope in real estate for all of those that want to be in real estate as their career. We have been challenged by the market and should look at it as such.

The details of the business model are outlined at for your review.