LegalView Launches New Practice Area on Blood Thinner Linked to Deadly and Severe Allergic Reactions

February 25, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Denver, CO - LegalView informed readers of a severe allergic reaction that many patients are having in response to the administration of a blood thinner into the body. Heparin, also called heparin sodium, is an anticoagulant that is used during surgery and is highly associated with dialysis and heart surgery procedures. Manufacturers of the drug, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, halted sales of a specific multiple-dose injectable form of the drug after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began receiving reports of serious allergic reactions of Heparin. Reports began surfacing in late 2007. Prior this Heparin had been shipped to the United States since the 1930s and is administered to millions of Americans each year. Heparin side effects include nausea, excessive sweating, breathing difficulties, and hypotension or falling blood pressure. To date, at least four deaths have been linked with the Heparin allergy . The Heparin recall could be grounds for a lawsuit, and it is advisable that any individuals who previously given the blood thinner during a medical procedure contact an experienced law firm for an attorney consultation on their case.

It has also been discovered that the drug's maker received a shipload of a pharmaceutical ingredient, used in Baxter Heparin , from a Chinese manufacturing plant that was not previously inspected by the FDA.

Additionally, LegalView covers a range of other legal and medical issues effecting millions of U.S. citizens. LegalView provides information covering controversial prescription drugs, such as the smoking cessation aid Chantix, the Duragesic pain relief patch, and the blood clotting agent Trasylol.

Chantix is a smoking cessation drug prescribed by doctors to individuals who have difficulty quitting smoking. The FDA has been studying the drug but are warning patients that if any of the Chantix side effects occur, such as suicidal tendencies and behaviors, depression or erratic behavior, that the individual contact their physician immediately and discontinue use of the medication.

Similar to the Chantix controversy is the recent Johnson & Johnson Duragesic recall . The Duragesic patch is a pain reliever that operates on a transdermal delivery system and slowly releases fentanyl over a 72-hour period.

Perhaps most widely recognized in recent news is the outcry surrounding the blood clotting agent Trasylol, which is used in most major surgeries. After an extensive study indicated a link between Trasylol and an increased risk of death in patients, Bayer A.G. announced that it had agreed to withdraw its controversial heart surgery drug. The story became even bigger when the CBS program 60 Minutes ran a story detailing how the recall perhaps should have been instituted earlier. As a result speculation has begun regarding into FDA review of the drug, as well any possible Trasylol lawsuit.

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