Offset Mortgage Centre Publish Discount Offset Mortgage Guide

February 27, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The leading flexible and offset mortgage review site, The Offset Mortgage Centre, are proud to announce the recent publication of their free online guide about a Discount Offset Mortgage. The article looks at how a Discount Offset Mortgage can assist borrowers in the short-term. The full article, along with other articles on similar topics can be viewed at

First of all the article briefly looks at what a standard offset mortgage is, and then looks at the difference a discount offset mortgage makes to the borrower. The article explains the discount is on the lenders standard variable rate of interest, for a set period of time. Normally, the shorter the term, the better the discount offer. The article then looks at what happens when the discount period ends, and how redemption tie-ins need to be taken into account. Finally the article mentions who would benefit from a Discount Offset Mortgage, and the importance of taking advice from a financial advisor or an independent mortgage advisor.

About The Offset Mortgage Centre

The Offset Mortgage Centre is a non profit website designed to provide a comprehensive resource for visitors interested in learning how to save money, and reducing the terms of their home finance. The goal of the website is to educate the mortgage layman in the concept, features, benefits, and negative aspects of a Flexible or Offset Mortgage. The information is provided in the form of articles targeted at specific topics. For more details about a Discount Offset Mortgage visit,