initiates a new proactive safety program for young drivers

February 28, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News takes young drivers under its wing by announcing its commitment to improve some terrifying highway statistics. Now, is doing more than just offering young drivers some of the lowest auto insurance rates and most convenient service on the Internet, it is initiating a proactive educational program to make young drivers safer drivers, therefore saving lives.

Being a good driver not only includes giving the right of way at intersections, but adopting driving habits that improve fuel economy and avoid distracting behavior, like speeding tickets, while behind the wheel. Reading the articles, insurance industry news and other informative pages on the Cheapautosinsurance site, young drivers can learn what behaviors can trigger auto accidents. “Text messaging while behind the wheel for example, is now one of the most common causes of accidents for teenage drivers”, said CEO of Brian Severson. This translates into a large share of the 5,000 youth ages 16 to 20 killed in accidents each year.

“The need for continuing driver education and reinforcement of good driving habits is exemplified by the fact that the fatality rate for 16 and 17 year olds is highest within the first 6 months after acquiring their licenses” said Severson. Reading about the causes of and strategies to avoid accidents can be a useful reinforcement to the young person's initial driver's ed. class. Learning good driving habits is easier than extinguishing bad ones and takes repetition and review to become ingrained. Several times a month, adds to its libraries of informative auto insurance articles touching again and again on driver safety.

“Cheapautosinsurance believes safe driving yields more benefits than saving lives and protecting your property.” said Severson. As if that were not enough, safe driving practices such as observing the speed limit, avoiding aggressive driving, and properly maintaining your vehicle, increase fuel efficiency, prolong the life of your vehicle and save money. supports young driver's safe driving efforts by offering additional incentives on cheap car insurance discounts. “Cheapautosinsurance feels that by supporting young drivers, they are making a difference that translates into lives saved”, said Severson.

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