LegalView Updates Trasylol Practice Area in Light of New Reports Regarding the Drug's Dangerous Side Effects

March 05, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Denver, CO -, the number one resource for everything legal on the Web, recently updated its Trasylol information portal after news reports began surfacing again about the dangers of the blood clotting drug increasing a patient's chances of heart attack, kidney failure, stroke and in some instances death.

Trasylol is an injectable drug used to control bleeding during surgical procedures such as heart bypass surgeries. However, studies have shown that the drug increases the risk of a Trasylol patient's chance for dangerous side effects by more than 100 percent and in some instances almost 200 percent, according to media sources. If you or loved one has recently undergone a surgical procedure where the drug was administered, it would be advisable to contact a Trasylol attorney who can offer a consultation on the potential for a Trasylol lawsuit.

Trasylol is developed by the German pharmaceutical conglomerate Bayer AG, which continues to defend the drug's performance against accusations of the alleged adverse side effects. Trasylol had been used in nearly 60 percent of all bypass procedures and there was some delay in beginning a Trasylol recall as officials had stated there could be a shortage of blood-controlling drugs for medical operations if it were recalled. However, individuals who have had a surgical procedure and were injected with the drug should consider locating a Trasylol law firm with an experienced Trasylol lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the controversy and use of the drug.

In addition to the Trasylol information portal, LegalView has made information available on several other prescription drugs and drugs used in medical procedures that may have harmful side effects to patients. For example, the Duragesic patch recall information portal was recently updated to include the most recent news about the pain-relieving drug with a serious manufacturing defect. The Duragesic recall and information regarding it can be found at the practice area at

Another drug recently in the media is Heparin from Baxter Health Corporations. Baxter Heparin is a blood thinner that is used during medical procedures, specifically heart surgery. Anyone who has been given the drug, which is derived from an enzyme in pig intestines, should seek medical care to ensure their safety. Additionally, contacting a law firm to discuss a potential case is advisable.

Also available on the LegalView homepage is information about the controversial smoking cessation drug Chantix, which has been linked to side effects such as depression, erratic behavior and suicidal tendencies. There has not yet been a Chantix recall but individuals who are taking the prescription drug should contact a healthcare professional immediately if they experience any of the reported side effects.

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