U Choose Network helps Small Business owners maximize their advertising dollars effectiveness

March 04, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 4, 2008 Necedah, Wi: The U Choose Network, a service of Innovation Marketing Systems, Inc. has created a better way to advertise. Small business owners all over America have taken up the cry, “Advertising doesn’t work!”, whether leaning out their office windows, shaking their hammers at the sky or standing in their doorways waving their batter-covered spoons.

And they’re right. Advertising hasn’t worked for them in the past, in part due to the fact that big businesses with nationwide advertising plans and marketing budgets have pretty much edged them out of the places where they want to be seen. Until now…

The U Choose Network for advertisers - The U Choose Network levels the playing field for forward-thinking small businesses that want to easily and cost-effectively target market their products and services through digital signage.

Digital signage is a fairly new form of advertising that is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. And it’s no wonder – according to a 2007 study by Online Testing Exchange (an independent, global consumer research and consulting firm), people rated advertising on digital signage more positively than any other media.

Large corporations have been using digital signage to market their products and services for several years now. Of course, they have the time and resources to investigate who owns all of these digital sign networks, and then contract with each sign or network owner.

But what small business owner has those kind of resources? The U Choose Network (UCN), which is available to every digital sign network in the nation, makes it easy for small business owners to get their message on digital signs nationwide or to target local signs, all from their own computers.

How it Works - Advertisers small and large log onto the UCN Web-hosted portal and upload their ad content, choosing the geographic area and types of locations they would like to target with their ads. Then they choose start and end dates, how much they are willing to pay by CPM, and how much they are willing to set as a maximum budget on the ad campaign. Advertisers pay nothing at this point for placing their ad content in the UCN portal.

At the other end, digital sign and network owners log onto their UCN Web-hosted portal, and choose from the ads available to their area and type of location. Advertisers pay only for the locations that downloaded their ad content, and only after UCN has verified the sign owner’s compliance.

Why Will Sign Owners Want My Ad? - As digital sign and network owners choose ad content to download, they will see a running total of how much they will be paid for the ads. The majority of the advertising dollars that the advertiser pays, goes into the pockets of the sign owners who choose their ad content.

UCN makes digital signage finally affordable for small businesses to purchase, as well as for other small businesses to advertise on. Digital signage is no longer in the mysterious realm that can be reached by large corporations alone – it is now accessible to everyone.

For more information on the U Choose Network, visit us at www.ucnmedia.com where you can also register for one of UCN’s free orientation webinars.