Midbrook, Inc. to Supply Custom Parts Washer to Domestic Manufacturer

March 04, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Midbrook, Inc - Midbrook, Inc. has announced a deal with a new domestic automotive supplier, whose parent firm is headquartered in Japan. Midbrook will supply the new domestic client with a custom designed, top quality parts washer that has been fitted specifically for their new part going into production.

Midbrook, Inc of Jackson, MI is the minority owned, world leading provider of process specific, high volume aqueous part cleaning systems, sealed solvent cleaning system, water bottling equipment, and medical cart washing equipment.

The Model 5006 washer will feature an advanced pick and place feature that will automate the movement of the part in the washer. Using an air gripper and cylinder clamp, parts will be lifted and indexed throughout the unit in order to guarantee cleanliness. The pick and place process will be able to manipulate the part in order to reach difficult to clean areas and therefore provide a better end product.

The stainless steel washer will also include a regenerative air blow-off stage to flash dry the parts, an oil removal system, along full service and support from trained Midbrook workers. The washer will be able to process one part per 50-second cycle, and 72 parts per hour.

Midbrook is known for their customized washers. This is another in a long line of washers that have been designed and produced specifically to fit the needs of a customer. While Midbrook does offer in-stock options for part washing needs, these custom designed units are produced to perfectly match the production process of the part in question, dealing with the unique demands that face each part. This specificity gives customers peace of mind and a better product; with no need to shoe horn their process into a partnership with a one size fits all washer. Qualified Midbrook engineers use a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to make sure that the new washer is the best possible washer for the process in question.

In addition, Midbrook also provides each client with a factory for hire complete with expertise, manufacturing floor space, and labor.

Midbrook is a minority owned provider of commercial metal parts washers, custom sheet metal fabrications, with high pressure metal parts washers for metal part degreasing and specialized CapSnap water bottling systems. For more information, please visit http://www.midbrook.com.