LegalView is Proud to Announce the Launch of New FDA Notification Service

March 15, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Denver, CO - LegalView is proud to announce a new feature on its many information portals dealing with pharmaceuticals that pose a recognized public-safety threat. Individual readers will now be able to submit their concerns on featured LegalView unsafe drugs directly to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via LegalView's information portals. Currently, LegalView hosts over 50 such information portals with useful and pertinent information on unsafe drugs, including sites relating to the recent Heparin recall, type 2 diabetes drug Avandia risks or anti-smoking aid Chantix side effects. All of LegalView's unsafe drug information portals provide information on the drug, possible side effects as well as help in contacting a law firm or attorney experienced in dealing with unsafe drug litigation. In addition to these specific unsafe drug information portals, LegalView also hosts hundreds of DrugWatch information portals that monitor the status of potentially harmful pharmaceuticals, in order to ensure that the public is always kept up to date.

As a testament to the broad appeal and desire for experienced counsel all the pharmaceuticals covered in the unsafe drug and DrugWatch portals, LegalView readers have submitted over 10,000 requests for more information since the launch of the unsafe drug portals in 2005. With each information request, a qualified attorney from one of LegalView's sponsoring law firms reviewed the individual's concerns and responded to their questions with relevant legal information and counsel. As a result of this overwhelming public response, LegalView is proud to announce the FDA reporting feature on all Unsafe Drugs and DrugWatch portals. By clicking the "Report Your Case to the FDA" link, readers will be able to access the FDA MedWatch Online Voluntary Reporting form. Using this form, the reader can take a proactive step to ensure that the FDA drug database has the details of their individual case, which will enable the FDA to make better decisions regarding public safety as a whole.

In addition to the Unsafe Drugs and DrugWatch information portals, LegalView is also proud to host a vast plentitude of portals relating to other legal issues affecting Americans today. On LegalView's traumatic brain injury information portal, readers can get information on brain injury symptoms and treatments, as well as read about what can go into filing a brain injury lawsuit . With the LegalView mesothelioma site, individuals can peruse in-depth information on the deadly cancer, as well as get help contacting a mesothelioma lawyer for help with filing a mesothelioma lawsuit. In addition to these key practice areas, LegalView is also pleased to offer dozens of other content for concerns ranging from faulty consumer goods to environmental toxins to medical malpractice issues.

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