Health Video Channel And Phenocal In Weight Loss Video Content Agreement

March 22, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News, one of the most broadly distributed online video health networks, and Pharmaxa Labs, the markers of Phenocal™, announced today a strategic relationship that will develop and simulcast a four (4) part video series that will highlight tools for successful weight loss while incorporating Phenocal™ into their daily weight loss programs.

"The Phenocal™ series is intended to provide a wide range of interactive capabilities such as immediate access to additional information on Phenocal™, participation in real-time chats, casting votes during live product polling and registering for contests," explains Karen Seever, spokeswoman for

Getting fit has never been so easy. With internet access almost anywhere, you can be on top of your health and fitness game with the help of and the Phenocal™ series. We all know the benefits of online weight management. It has become a wide spread trend for many dieters who want to track workouts, meal plans and weight loss. Now all you need is a product that supports all of those functions.

Phenocal™ has recently generated media buzz as being one of the top new weight loss products on the market. Why, because it helps support many of the struggles that are encountered during a weight loss program. Exhaustion, hunger pangs and a slow moving metabolism can put many dieters on the fast track to failure. That’s where and the Phenocal™ series come together to create a program that is as interactive as you want it to be for your dietary support needs.

Need an extra boost to get your head in check? With each purchase of Phenocal™ you will receive a FREE COPY of the exclusive Phenocal™ Secrets to Long-Term Weight Loss. A Practical Guide to Successful Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle! Every diet success story comes with a great support system story. Let your support system be and the Phenocal™ series.

For more information on Phenocal™ or to get tips and hints on losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle go to. or join the millions viewing for health answers.