Rhonda Duffy Sold 819 Houses in 2007 Reports the MLS Service in Atlanta

March 26, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Rhonda Duffy sold 819 houses in 2007 making her the number one agent in Georgia reports the FMLS, the multiple listing service in Georgia. Many people want to know how she did it since the media is reporting all time lows and dismal sales for 2007.

Many people want to know how she did it since the media is reporting all time lows and dismal sales for 2007. Rhonda says that she does it by staying out of the media’s doom and gloom by turning off bad news and engaging her sellers in a plan of action. “A strategy always works when the owner and expert are together and working the plan. You see people are always moving in and out of houses, so for the media to state that no one is buying and house prices are dropping like flies is a lie that should not be told and takes the power and desire from a seller who deserves to move. The truth is that people get divorced, get married and and everything else that life holds for people daily. And most importantly, people earn the right to live somewhere new when their finances say so,” said Duffy. “So, don’t forget that just because the media says that one person was shot, millions others were not” is Rhonda’s motto.

“Many people hand their listing over to an agent for the agent to handle because they think that they don’t have the know-how or time to do a good job for themselves. But, what they are forgetting is that they are the only ones with the answers to many questions and they have to be involved throughout the process anyway, even if they hand their listing over to someone else and pay a commission at the end of the sale that they regret and resent. If they are not involved in the marketing, they have to get involved in the process of negotiation and other times like the closing. So, why not devise their story for marketing their home with expert guidance and really attract a buyer who is willing and able to buy what the seller has. It is a new twist on marketing real estate because as I mentioned earlier, many sellers resent paying a huge commission to an agent and then having to stay involved in the process to round up excuses of why the property has not sold. However, it is impossible for an agent alone, who has never been to the property during the seasons of a year to experience it or understand the character keys that were implemented during the landscape remodeling, kitchen remodeling etc…to truly represent the home in it’s best light. The owner is the best person for that task of marketing and overseeing the story telling, always,” says Duffy.

So, as a result of forging a partnership, Rhonda Duffy and the homeowner build an irresistible marketing plan and then use her Buyer Magnet System to attract buyers from everywhere. “I recognize that there are 4 types of buyers out there and if you only capture 2 types of buyers that the homeowner and agent are failing in their drive to sell the property for the most money and in the quickest amount of time. We need a strong magnet to pull buyers in and I have figured out what the pull is. 819 homes sold are low sales for me compared to past years, and I don’t want to see that low number again. However, to successfully help 819 families get the job done, makes me very happy. And her clients are happy too; Duffy Realty now in it’s sixth year with Rhonda Duffy being the number one agent in Georgia for the last 4 years, is 92% referred. “Frankly, the client’s gratitude keeps me coming to work. We are a five million dollar business and although retirement is easy for me now, I can’t see retiring anytime soon, too many people are happy everyday and that matters