The Data Recovery Software Review Center Announces the Top Three Recommended Data Recovery Programs for 2008.

March 27, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Data Recovery Software Review Center, the most trusted source for reviews and articles relating to software to recover deleted files, today announced its top three rated data recovery software for 2008.

The top spot was awarded to Recover My Files, an industry-leading deleted files recovery program from GetData. It achieved top honors due to its ease-of-use, its success in recovery of lost and deleted data and its customer support.

The runner up spot was awarded to Migo Digital Rescue from Migo Software, Inc. This program was chosen as the runner up due to its simple to use navigation, the strong customer support center which includes easily downloadable product manuals and its free trial download offer.

The third place spot was awarded to Power Data Recovery, a comprehensive data recovery solution from MT Solution Ltd. It made the top three recommended programs due to its comprehensive feature set, its ease-of-use and its terrific support center.

The editorial team at The Data Recovery Software Review Center considered a number of factors in making its unbiased software recommendations for this year. The criteria used in ranking the software included:

· The Feature Set: The number of features available was an extremely important factor in comparing the software programs. The usefulness of each feature was an even more important factor in this category.

· Difficulty Level of Installation: The programs were tested to see how easy they were to download and install on a personal computer. Programs that encountered bugs or that required a higher level of system resources were discounted. The programs that were easiest to download and install received the highest scores for this category.

· The Usability of the Software: This was probably the most important factor considered. Each program was reviewed to ensure that any computer user, no matter the skill level, could use it effectively to accomplish his or her goal.

· Customer Support: Each software company was analyzed to determine how easy it was to find answers to common questions on their respective websites and to make sure product manuals were easily downloadable. Each site was also scrutinized to see how easy or difficult it was to contact the manufacturer with questions, comments and concerns.

· The Price: As with any product, the lowest price does not always mean the best value. The price point was reviewed for each product to see if it met the industry standard and if it was a reasonable price for the features delivered.

Keith Wagner, editor of The Data Recovery Software Review Center, said these data recovery programs provide consumers with a low cost solution for saving valuable data.

"Although we feel the best measure consumers and businesses can take to ensure their priceless data is protected is to implement a routine and trustworthy data backup procedure, the fact is most people just don't get it done," said Wagner. "That's why software like Recover My Files, Migo Digital Rescue and Power Data Recovery fill such a great need for many consumers and are considerably less expensive than hiring a data recovery service to retrieve files from a hard drive or computer."

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