Some Kids Will Go Back to School With Summer Tan - Do You Want to Send Your Kid as a Better Reader? Child Education at

July 30, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Last week we were having poolside party at our apartment. There were families, friends and kids enjoying the hot sunny day by the swimming pool. I was talking to a few friends and the discussion went towards child education and school and how they did last year.

My 5 years old reads too slow complains one mother. My boy is weak in maths says another parent. The other parents join them with numerous complaints like slow reading, poor math, poor grades etc.

What should we do they ask each other?

As children begin reading, it is so important to keep them challenged, interested and most importantly excited by books. Better reading brings more self confidence.

Learn to read can not happen overnight. It is a constant effort by both parents and the kids. The progress can only be seen over a period of time. Step by step apprach works best with the kids. You should start teaching them with letters and sounds. Next turn them into words using stories. Then move into reading books using the words your child just practiced.

The result: Your child can experience reading success, night after night.

With math, success builds upon itself. A strong understanding of math facts can serve as a foundation on which your child can build years of achievement. Most parents do not know where to start when it comes to math. They all say that it has been a long time since they studied math. The math skills is about solid foundation and learning has to be fun, not frustrating. Step by step approach is to begin with addition and subtraction and then moving to multiplication and division. Move to decimals and fractions only after you have covered the basic math.

Is there a program which is easy for the parents to use and fun for the kids while they learn ?

Fortunately there has been some programs around us for few years that can provide step by step training that your kid needs while making it fun at the same time. Whether it is reading, math or school success, parents can count on award winning program(s) from

The schools are about to open in less than 6 weeks. As a parent you have to ask: Some kids will go back to school with summer tan. Do you want to send your kid as a better reader?