Cash On Demand Realty Offers Its 14 Part Mini-Course For Free Today Before Product Launches to Only 1000 Agents in April 2008

April 05, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Mike Costigan and Rhonda Duffy, co-founders of Cash On Demand and the #1 and #2 top agents in Atlanta, Georgia are getting ready to launch their Cash On Demand Realty System to the public in late April of 2008.

Being the top two agents in Atlanta, Mike and Rhonda are cutting-edge thinkers when it comes to knowing how to stay in business in the current real estate market. The impressive part of the current market to them is that they are still making cash daily and more importantly, selling houses. Even better, they are highly referred by their clients.

Mike and Rhonda built a model of cash paid at the time of listing with a full service proposal of a 75% discount on the price of the listing commission. As a result, Mike's team is taking payment up-front, on average of over $2,500.00 per client. "The clients are happy because they are receiving the service from a top agent and they are able to sell their home when they receive an offer," Mike Costigan said.

"The most important part of the business to me is that clients are satisfied with the process and have a full understanding and disclosure about what is happening every moment of the process. We have really done a great job with this with the primary goal being to reduce client confusion," boasts Rhonda Duffy.

"The model sums everything an agent could want in their business in a nutshell. No more embarrassment when the house does not sell. No more carrying all the fees of a seller who does not want to sell. No more cash flow dilemas on a slow month. This is the system that every agent should be using and we are letting everyone see a sneak peak with our 14 part mini course. There is so much valuable information in this that we hesitated to give it away for free," says Mike.

“If you are interested in changing your career while staying in the real estate business, you must check out,” says Rhonda Duffy.