California Lawyer Michael Padway Offering Motorcycle Safety Talks to Help Riders Reduce their Risk of Motorcycle Accidents

April 18, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Michael Padway, a highly-experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, is speaking to groups of motorcyclists and organizations to provide motorcycle safety information from his unique perspective. Motorcycle clubs, associations and media outlets can provide motorcycle safety classes and tips to their audiences to help them safe while enjoying the exciting sport of motorcycling.

In addition to handling motorcycle accident cases himself, Michael finds experienced motorcycle attorneys all over the country for injured riders who need experienced help from coast to coast.

Michael Padway’s motorcycle safety lectures are designed to help motorcycle riders learn how motorcycle accidents happen so they can reduce their risk of a motorcycle accident and injury. With decades of hands-on experience as a motorcycle rider and motorcycle accident attorney, Michael Padway has talked with many riders about their motorcycle accidents and conducted after-the-fact analysis of hundreds of motorcycle accidents. Attorney Michael Padway has also analyzed motorcycle wrecks with motorcycle accident experts, giving Michael Padway a unique perspective on how motorcycle accidents really happen, and how to reduce your accident risk while riding your motorcycle.

“I worked with a motorcycle expert who rode over a million miles without an accident. What I have learned is invaluable information that makes riding safer”, stated Michael Padway. “My motorcycle safety classes offer the best safety tips and techniques that will help riders reduce their risks of an accident and injury while enjoying the exciting sport of motorcycling.”

Michael Padway’s Motorcycle Safety Classes Offer Helpful Tips That Will Help Riders Reduce Their Risks of Having a Motorcycle Accident and Injury:

* Panic Stopping - As a motorcycle rider, not knowing how to stop NOW is insane and dangerous! Michael Padway reviews the best techniques for stopping your motorcycle fast even if you are in “panic mode” while facing grave danger.
* The Legend of “Laying it Down" - Many riders believe that in a last resort situation you can avoid an accident and serious injury by just “laying it down” like Ponch and John used to do their action-packed “CHIPs” TV show. Michael Padway explains why laying it down is usually the most dangerous option and offers safe alternatives to avoiding automobiles and obstacles on the road.
* Defensive Riding - As a motorcycle rider you need to assume that every “Cager” (automobile driver) is out to get YOU! Sooner or later they will. Michael Padway will illustrate the most common motorcycle accident scenarios and specific riding techniques to avoid them so you can stay safe.
* “Visibility” Alone Does NOT Work - Michael Padway reviews little-known reasons why “visibility” and “loud pipes” are NOT a sufficient answer to making automobile drivers notice you for avoiding collisions. Michael then offers real-life examples of ways you can increase your safety while sharing the roads with automobiles.
* Motorcycle Gear - Some types of motorcycle clothing and safety gear are dangerous to your health! Michael Padway reviews the best gear for protecting you during a motorcycle accident.
* Proper Motorcycle Control - To control their motorcycle for safe riding in any situation, riders must be able to reach and properly use all of their controls. Michael Padway reviews the top motorcycle control mistakes riders make and how to avoid these dangerous habits.

Contact Michael Padway for Motorcycle Safety Classes:

Michael Padway is available for motorcycle safety classes, media interviews and motorcycle safety articles for motorcycle publications. Interested parties can call Michael Padway & Associates, California motorcycle injury accident attorneys at 415-777-1511, or visit

About Michael Padway

Michael Padway is an experienced motorcycle lawyer specializing in motorcycle accident cases. He has represented hundreds of motorcycle accident victims and works to bring his clients the best settlements possible in a timely and efficient manner. Because Michael is a motorcycle rider himself, he understands the ins and the outs of motorcycle accidents and what is needed to win his cases. Injured motorcycle riders can call Michael Padway & Associates, California motorcycle injury accident attorneys at 415-777-1511, or visit