August is Romance Awareness Month—Start Your Own Heat Wave!

August 02, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
OTTAWA, August 2, 2005 – August is “Romance Awareness Month,” and Romance Agent™ Leona Hamel is all for keeping your relationship hot and sunny year long! “Whether you’re working hard or enjoying some vacation time this month, your partner needs to feel appreciated—to feel loved every day! Summer is no exception,” says Leona Hamel, Romance Agent™. Adds Hamel, “There’s no time like now to reconnect, recommit, and re-energize your relationship!”

In her book "The ABC’s of Tease & Please," Hamel’s 'sexy persona' LouLou L’Amour writes, “A relationship can never have too much romance.” Unfortunately, there are those (you know who you are) who have become perhaps a little too comfortable with their partner, taking them for granted. And let’s not forget those who revolve their lives around their jobs. “Now is the time to make time for your relationship … before there is no relationship,” advises Hamel.

Romance Awareness Month, like Valentine’s Day, serves as an important reminder to celebrate your love relationship. And although it’s common sense, it’s still not common practice.

Here are some teasing and pleasing tips from LouLou to help inspire you to create your own expressions of love, and keep your relationship hot and sunny all of August and longer!

1. Escape to the countryside; have an evening picnic and watch the sunset together.
2. Cozy up and share a sundae. Disney’s Lady and the Tramp made sharing fun; why not the two of you?
3. Send a virtual kiss to your sweetie’s Monday morning Inbox.
4. Slow dance in the moonlight to your favorite love songs.
5. Try something new and exciting together! Sign up for a couple’s massage class. Take tango lessons.
6. Rediscover the magic of a kiss. 10 seconds minimum! This may require repeating often!
7. Take a stroll in the warm summer rain. Forget the umbrella. You can dry each other off later.
8. Extravagant yes, but how about a hot air balloon ride? Feel what it’s really like to be on cloud nine!
9. Pitch a tent and camp in the backyard. Make love under the stars.
10. Go skinny-dipping. Dare ya!

Remember, summer’s not over—that means HOT is the order of the day! Better still, why don’t you and your partner start your own heat wave!

About Leona Hamel:

An incurable romantic, Leona Hamel is a Romance Agent™, speaker, and coach with Romance Unlimited™. With more than 15 years of relationship research and 40 plus years of life experience, Leona is a specialist in personal growth and enhanced relationships, and an expert in the field of romantic creativity. Her 'sexy persona' LouLou L’Amour is the author of "The ABC’s of Tease & Please - A Romance Handbook." For more info, please visit or contact Leona at (613) 830-3560 or toll free at 1-877-229-5477. Media kit available online.