Weekend Golfers and Pros Can Now Find “Everything Golf” on the Web in Record Time!

August 03, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Greenfield, Mass, – Internet start-up company GolfDash announces the launch of a new web directory for everything golf at www.golfdash.com. GolfDash is the most efficient way of finding golf related information on the internet.

With the launch of GolfDash, golfers, golf industry professionals and anyone needing access to golf information has immediate access to over 2700 indexed golf links. www.golfdash.com is designed to avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with internet search engines, mainly irrelevant, outdated and off-topic hits. The new site eliminates having to try 50 or 100 web sites to find the right one.

On GolfDash, anyone looking for internet information about golf instruction, rules, real estate or course management – to name just a few topics– can find it quickly by navigating the site index or doing a quick search of the site links. Already the site contains more than 2700 links and this number is expected to increase rapidly as users and members submit their own recommendations.

“We expect GolfDash to be the niche web directory for all things golf. It’s designed for anyone touched by golfing in any way”, says Doug Farrick one of the managing partners and web marketing professional. Farrick says future enhancements will include such applications as forums, polls, and the ability for users to rate any linked web site. All enhancements are planned to make the access to golf information easier, faster and more rewarding.

In addition to links to golf websites, registered members of GolfDash have access to weather information, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news headlines and full-site customization for those who want to make GolfDash their home page. Currently, membership is free.

“We wanted to set a new internet standard for finding quality golf information,” says John Diekmann, managing partner and information architect. “A lot of thought went into how to best organize, present and access this valuable information. This saves a tremendous amount of time when trying to find a new golf training aid, a specific golf vacation or even obscure items like a mosquito control system for a golf course. If it has to do with golf, it’s a good bet you will find it at GolfDash.”
GolfDash has a partnering agreement with Boston based CEOExpress Company to use their powerful backend technology to update and organize the information. “Consolidated web directories are the wave of the future,” adds Farrick.
GolfDash is a privately held company located in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It was founded in 2004 by Doug Farrick and John Diekmann to develop the concept of online directories for topical communities. Their work is based on a combined 20 years of web development experience in internet startups and large Fortune 500 corporations. For more information go to www.golfdash.com.

CEOExpress Company is the parent of CEOExpress.com the premier portal for senior executives on the Internet. Its enterprise product, CEOExpress Corporate, allows a business or association to build and deploy vertically oriented, information rich, highly customizable desktops/dashboards quickly and easily with no technical expertise needed. The application serves as a unifying interface that can pull together existing information from multiple sources—internal or external to the organization. It allows for collaboration, controlled permissioning and much more. For more information go to www.ceoexpress.com/corporate.