California Lawyer Michael Padway Supports Auxiliary Lighting for Motorcycles

May 05, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Michael Padway, a highly-experienced motorcycle attorney is stating his support for motorcycle auxiliary lighting. Motorcycle auxiliary lighting can help to lower accidents caused by automobiles not seeing motorcycles and then colliding with them.

Auxiliary lights illuminate the engine area of a motorcycle and can increase the visibility of motorcycles. These auxiliary lights allow automobile drivers to see a motorcyclist more easily from the side. This is especially helpful when a motorcyclist is attempting to turn left, allowing the oncoming automobiles to see the motorcyclist more easily.

“In Maryland, an auxiliary light bill is slated for passage on June 1, 2008,” stated motorcycle lawyer Michael Padway. "I think it’s a good bill since most motorcycle accidents caused by another vehicle colliding with a motorcycle. The vast majority of motorcycle accidents are the fault of the other vehicle colliding with a motorcycle. Usually the driver of the other vehicle says ‘I just didn't see him.’ Auxiliary lighting can greatly increase the visibility of motorcycles to automobile drivers and can decrease collisions."

About Motorcycle Auxiliary Lighting:
* Motorcycle auxiliary lighting is often installed to light up the underside or motor area of motorcycles.
* Motorcycle auxiliary lighting is not just extra “bling” - it can be an effective way to increase the nighttime visibility of motorcycles.
* Increased nighttime visibility can reduce the chance of motorcycles being hit by automobiles.

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About Michael Padway

Michael Padway is an experienced motorcycle lawyer specializing in motorcycle accident cases. He has represented hundreds of motorcycle accident victims and works to bring his clients the best settlements possible in a timely and efficient manner. Because Michael is a motorcycle rider himself, he understands the ins and the outs of motorcycle accidents and what is needed to win his cases.