Leading Online Legal Document Resource, RealDealDocs.com, Releases Home Solutions of America Forbearance Agreement

May 09, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dallas, Texas – One the leaders in sample online legal documents, www.RealDealDocs.com, has just released the forbearance agreement between Home Solutions of America and Texas Capital Bank.

A forbearance agreement, also known as a default notice is a legal document that serves as notice to a borrower that he/she is delinquent in payments. A forbearance agreement defines the terms in which a borrower can put a temporary hold on his or her monthly payments. With the Home Solutions of America forbearance agreement, it is stated that Home Solutions for America will grant Texas Capital Bank a security interest in Home Solutions’ rights, title and interests to secure the prompt and complete payment of their loan.

The Home Solutions agreement provides the standard details in a forbearance agreement of forbearance, maturity, control agreements, cash sweeps, remittance of proceeds, remittance of internal revenue tax refund, remittance of related party proceeds, revolving credit advance payments, term loan payments, fees, costs, expenses and execution in counterparts.

RealDealDocs.com offers a copy of the Home Solutions of America and Texas Capital Bank forbearance agreement as a sample for such agreements free of charge via the link at the bottom of this text.

This year saw the fall of the mortgage loan market. In its wake, many businesses – in addition to home owners – are failing to make their payments. In this economic climate of foreclosures and failed payments, RealDealDOcs.com thought it healthy to release this forbearance agreement in hopes to open a door to an alternate opportunity of paying these bills.

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