A Joint Mechanix shoulder device, the Rotater, proves beneficial to Post-Surgical Rehab Patients, Breast Cancer Survivors and Athletes

May 14, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Joint Mechanix LLC has created a shoulder rehab and stretching device that has quickly caught the attention of several different groups including post-surgical rehab patients, breast cancer survivors and athletes. Following a motorcycle wreck that resulted in shoulder surgery, Scott Kay, a co-owner of Joint Mechanix LLC, invented a shoulder rehabilitation device he named 'The Rotater'. Kay then used his 'Rotater' at home and between visits to his therapists as a way to supplement his physical therapy.

A mechanic by trade, Kay created 'The Rotater' in his shop behind his home in Salem Alabama, because he wanted a device that he could use by himself that would mimic the stretches and sensations he felt during his physical therapy sessions.

After seeing 'The Rotater', Kay's physical therapists at 'Total Rehab' in Auburn Alabama encouraged him to secure a patent. Kay took their advice and introduced 'The Rotater' in June 2007, then joined forces with fellow mechanic, Chris Melton of Five Points Alabama to form Joint Mechanix LLC to market their device.

With a business degree in Finance and entrepreneurial experience, Melton brings extensive knowledge to the enterprise. Since inception, they have been traveling the country to exhibit 'The Rotater' at various health and athletic trade shows.

Melton and Kay were approached at a trade show in Denver by a health care professional who works exclusively with breast cancer survivors. She informed them that following breast cancer treatment, survivors are often plagued with shoulder impairments and 'The Rotater' could assist them in their physical rehabilitation.

Jane Ali, a breast cancer survivor and co-founder of Marathon of Miracles Foundation and SurvivorCelebration.com says, “There are a lot of exercises my doctor told me to do, but this one works the best. Thank you for creating something breast cancer survivors can use to help them with their rehabilitation after surgery.”

Because breast cancer has stricken family members of both Kay and Melton, Joint Mechanix LLC has pledged 10% of all revenues from the sale of their 'Pink Rotaters' to breast cancer research.

The unique ability of 'the Rotater' to stretch the shoulder has resulted in its adoption and use by a variety of athletes. As opposed to rehabilitating an impaired shoulder, athletes use 'The Rotater' to stretch, warm-up and condition healthy shoulders. Currently, 'The Rotater' is being used by several professional athletes competing in golf, tennis, baseball and football.

Kevin Rausch MPT, CSCS and owner or Rausch Physical Therapy INC. located in Laguna Niguel California says, “The Rotater itself has proved invaluable to my patients' shoulders and their subsequent recovery. It has been used for a variety of overuse, sports, orthopedic and post-surgical conditions to date, and on a large group of patients as well. Everyone from grandma with adhesive capsulitis to the major league baseball pitcher has reaped its benefits, and I look forward to many more.”

About Joint Mechanix, LLC - Joint Mechanix LLC was founded in 2007 to market 'The Rotater', a shoulder rehab and stretching device designed to increase the flexibility and range of motion (ROM) of the shoulder joint. 'The Rotater' has inadvertently broken into multiple markets in the first nine months since its introduction.

If you would like more information about the Rotater or to schedule an interview with Scott Kay, then please call (334) 524-1810, email Scott at skay@therotater.com or visit the website – www.therotater.com