Employment Agreement Drafted by Amlaw Favorite Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett Law Firm Released by Online Legal Document Resource RealDealDocs.com

May 15, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Nashville, Tennessee – A preferred leader in sample online legal documents, www.RealDealDocs.com, has released a free copy of the Vanguard Health Systems employment agreement drafted by the Amlaw top rated deal-making law firm of the year Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett.

An employment agreement is a legal document that designates the length and terms of employment between an employer and employee. The employment agreement between Phillip W. Roe and Vanguard Health Systems lists the standard length and terms of employment to be fulfilled in his many positions of Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer of the Company. The terms of this employment agreement include salary, disability, bonuses, confidentiality and benefits.

RealDealDocs.com offers a free copy of the Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett employment agreement between Vanguard Health Systems and Phillip W. Roe as a template for a professionally drafted legal document. Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett is a well known and Amlaw celebrated law firm. For these reasons, RealDealDocs.com has decided to release this employment agreement free of charge via the link at the bottom of this text.

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