BlockMaster Unveils Ultra-Secure 16GB SafeStick USB Flash Drive

May 16, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
BlockMaster the maker of the secure USB flash drive SafeStick® today announced the global availability of a 16GB SafeStick. The company believes this to be the secure USB flash drive with the worlds largest storage capacity - and it weighs in at only 7 grams.

This launch from security company BlockMaster makes the secure USB flash drive SafeStick® available in sizes from 256MB to 16GB of storage capacity. All storage sizes of the secure USB flash drive are delivered in the same small and rugged form factor finished in black alloyed aluminum with lazer engraving. SafeStick only weighs 7 grams and is claimed to be tough enough to be run over by a car or to be fumbled into a pool and then be used again.

-This erases the need for bulky portable hard drives. With SafeStick 16GB you have a massive storage capacity, automatic hardware AES256 encryption of all stored information, and it weighs less than 4 sheets of paper, says Johan Söderström CTO at the Swedish company.

Security is always-on with SafeStick. This means that both password protection and encryption is mandatory. Usually security demands like this puts a strain on the end-user, but BlockMaster's User Acceptance Security (UAS) approach challenges this. With SafeStick the military-grade AES256 encryption is transparent for the end-user (it works out of the box on all Windows computers and is handled in the hardware) and the password is setup and keyed in easily through BlockMaster's award winning SafeStick software.

About BlockMaster
BlockMaster has the longest track-record of delivering always-on-security USB Flash Drives in the world. Since the first release of SafeStick® in early 2004 the solution has evolved and today excel in meeting the demands from both the global enterprise and the one-man shop.

For the enterprise BlockMaster delivers full management capability for the administrator and a world-class user acceptance experience for the end-user. From roll-outs at Fortune Global 2000 customers we know that the implementation of SafeStick® and its systems is swift, cost-efficient and easy on the end-user.

BlockMaster is a privately held company headed out of Lund, Sweden with additional offices in Stockholm.

SafeStick® is a registered BlockMaster brand.