ACOM Solutions, Inc. Shipping .NET Version of EZConnect EDI/XML Universal Trading Partner Data Translation-Connectivity Solution

May 19, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
LONG BEACH, California, May 19, 2008 – ACOM Solutions, Inc. is now shipping EZConnect EDI/XML 9.x, a .NET-compliant version of its EDI and XML data translation and trading partner management solution that has been completely rewritten in the C# programming language to enable easier and more flexible operation, faster and simpler trading partner document mapping, and seamless automated conversion of documents from format-to-format, it was announced today by Mark Firmin, vice president of marketing and product management.

Especially important to day-to-day users, the new version incorporates a unique web-enabled tool that allows operational control independently of the underlying technology. All of the complexity is hidden, with a separate window displaying only operational information in an extremely user-friendly interface from which operators can conduct activities such as scheduling, displaying files and auto-archived documents, and tracking EDI documents, 24/7 and untended.

The new EZConnect version accommodates the differing levels of technological expertise that occur in the company’s midsize market, Firmin noted.

“EZConnect 9.x has been designed to be exceptionally robust and functional,” he said. “For a variety of reasons, some companies may be technology rich and given to tweaking and extending their capabilities, while others want simply to stick with the basics: ‘here’s our data,’ ‘here’s their data,’ ‘drag, drop and send’.”

Like other EDI translators, earlier versions of EZConnect EDI/XML had their own flavor of XML, and lacking standardization, trading partner XML documents had to be remapped individually in order to be read/written. With Version 9.x all that is required is to import the trading partner’s XML schema file comprising their tag names, file names, hierarchies, etc. Then, using that schema, the mapper simply drags and drops the necessary elements to the new map, reducing what might otherwise be an hours-long process to only 20 minutes or so – no matter what type of XML file is involved.

A similar procedure is used for setting up the exchange of flat files. Version 9.x expands the flat file suite to support an unlimited number of flat files and supports all types of file elements, comma delimited files and variable length files. It also incorporates an on-board editor that lets the mapper modify the flat file template and make changes to any map that uses the template from within the flat file schema.

“This is truly powerful software,” Firmin said. “Flat files, database files, XML files and EDI files can all be mapped in a single mapping process. We have seen companies fully implement as many as seven new electronic trading partners with more than 20 maps in less than six weeks.”

Use of the C# programming language has introduced a new dimension of flexibility to the system, Firmin added, enabling complex business logic to be executed from within EZConnect that otherwise would require separate, external application processing.

Examples include stored procedures for writing SQL queries or native C# commands if the schema does not provide enough capability, and creating look-aheads to extract detailed data that is required in the header are of an EDI document. A replace feature allows revised schema definitions to be updated automatically.

About EZConnect
EZConnect is a Windows-based, any-to-any data translation and partner management platform that supports direct integration to one or multiple databases as well as flat file and XML interfaces to applications. It is compliant with all EDI standards, including ANSI X.12 and EDIFACT, and all XML and database document formats. EZConnect EDI-XML 9.x is available without charge, including eight hours of training, to users under maintenance by contacting or calling EZConnect sales at 800-699-5758.

About ACOM Solutions, Inc.
Now in its 25th year of business, ACOM Solutions, Inc. develops modular software systems for document output, document management, secure corporate payments, and B2B EDI/XML e-commerce applications, marketing them domestically and through overseas partners. Corporate headquarters are in Long Beach, California; System i Software Division headquarters are in Duluth, Georgia; and regional offices are located in several major U.S. cities.

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