Offers Zero Cost Awards Program To All DARE Officers

May 22, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
St. Louis, MO — May 22, 2008 - As Mark Twain once stated, "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest." AAA Certificates wholeheartedly agrees with this sentiment. In fact, it has been an unofficial part of their mission statement since day one at AAA Certificates to both recognize those who do the right thing and to assist them in their good work whenever and wherever possible.

In furtherance of this notion the AAA Certificates has recently developed a program that allows any DARE officer free use of their printable award certificates service. This includes not only unfettered access to all of the thousands of pre-made award certificate templates available through the web site, but also unlimited use of their patented Make-A-Cert technology. The latter allows DARE officers to create awards for the children and students in their program that can carry DARE graphics or any graphics the DARE Officers choose to use in their awards.

"We recognize and respect the essential and admirable work DARE Officers and program managers do with the children of our community. We have supported this effort for years on a local level because we see the real value in the program and the tangible advantages children enrolled in DARE receive," states AAA Certificates' President Randy Cullom. "The local contingent has been quite pleased with the ease and cost effectiveness of being able to produce awards for the children in their groups using our service. Having received requests from DARE Officers who are outside of our local community after they had spoken with one of the local representatives, we have taken the decision to expand the program by opening it up to all DARE officers no matter where they are located. This special awards program is available at no cost to the DARE Officers, their department or to DARE. It is simply our way of doing the right thing by giving a helping hand to others who are doing the right thing for our children."

DARE Officers and program administrators are encouraged to contact AAA Certificates by visiting their web site and navigating to the DARE information page. After sending a request DARE Officers can expect the AAA Certificates staff to establish a zero cost account on the Officers' behalf, which they may then use as much or little as they see fit.

For those persons who are not involved in the DARE program but have a need to produce award certificates for employees, children, sporting events, etc AAA Certificates offers a subscription at a very reasonable cost, starting at just $34.95 per year for unlimited usage. For additional information, please visit AAA Certificates' web site or phone Randy Cullom at 888-798-4327.

About provides a service that affords companies, school teachers, coaches, church leaders, etc the ability to create and print personalized custom award certificates for almost any occasion or event at an extremely low cost. Different subscription levels are available to suit different needs.