AndoverCG: Gaming PCs are Grossly Overpriced!

July 13, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Francisco, California, July 2008: Mike Syiek, CEO of AndoverCG a computer liquidation company based in California, has just announced his company's findings that gamers everywhere are paying through the nose for expensive gaming PCs that do little to enhance their gaming experience.

Mike Syiek regularly conducts research to identify trends within the computer industry, particularly the gaming industry which forms a significant part of this multi-billion dollar market.

With prices that sometimes climb as high as $10,000.00, Syiek asserts that PC makers are taking advantage of enthusiastic gamers anxious to improve their experience.

He says "PC makers are duping gamers into buying machines that have technology that's unnecessarily advanced for the purpose. You can get an equally impressive performance with versions of the same technology that can be three or even four generations older. It's my opinion that profit-oriented PC manufacturers are doing a lot of harm to the gaming community, and driving large numbers of gamers to buy a gaming console instead of a PC, which ultimately will damage the computer market."

Literally thousands of dollars can be saved by buying lightly-used machines for gaming purposes. Chosen wisely a used PC can perform in a way that's difficult to differentiate from their more expensive cousins that may have cost ten times as much.

Mike also had this to say: "Makers sometimes advise gamers and other computer users to 'buy for the future.' This isn't a wise move when technology is still developing at such a fast pace. It makes a lot more sense to buy a slightly older machine and then wait until technology is released that can truly make a difference to your gaming experience, or until someone releases a game that actually needs these new features. Until then your money is much better spent on games."

Used technology suppliers like AndoverCG can represent cost-effective ways of acquiring necessary technology for a satisfying gaming experience.