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May 30, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Since 2003, San Jose, California-based has conscientiously supplied insurance quotes and coverage-related data for drivers. In keeping with this tradition, the site’s writers have compiled a new section covering all aspects of anti-theft measures and the potential discount benefits these systems carry for the policy holder. Depending on the state in which you live, some carriers, like State Farm or Progressive, will substantially reduce the cost of your policy in the presence of effective anti-theft devices.

“All aspects of car tech are in a rapid stage of development,” said CheapAutosInsurance CEO Brian Severson. “There are more devices available than ever to discourage thieves, from the more or less gold standard of LoJack to engine immobilizers. Many people don’t realize that by opting for those add-ons at purchase or acquiring them later, they can save on their insurance. It’s a practice that’s been around for some time with security systems in the genre of home insurance, but it also applies to automotive policies.”

In some states use of the LoJack system can result in 35% lower insurance premiums. A radio transceiver installed in the car and registered with the company shares information with the National Crime Information Computer system. In the event that the car is stolen, or in a car accident the transmitter is activated allowing the police to track and recover the vehicle. In order to qualify for the insurance discount, drivers must supply proof that the device is present in the car. Generally the purchase receipt will suffice.

“LoJack is an excellent option,” said Severson, “but increasingly engine immobilizers are among the options easily added at the point of purchase. Basically when the thing is activated, it shuts off the speeding engine’s electrical system so the car can’t be driven. To get it going again you have to have a special device or key. It’s even possible to marry the two options — active monitoring with engine shutdown. That can mean really quick recovery before the thieves get a chance to start stripping the vehicle.”

Alarms systems are also helpful in protecting valuables inside the car, including your radio and CD player, in which thieves might also be interested. “There’s really nothing in or on a car that can be considered safe any more,” said Severson. “The crooks are even going after catalytic converters for the precious metals they contain, like platinum. We’re starting to see specific anti-theft devices developed just for the converters and they will no doubt carry an insurance benefit because the converters are so expensive to replace.”

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