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June 02, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News gives drivers all they need in one location to educate themselves about their car insurance options. Relaunched at the end of 2007 with an extensive re-design, the San Jose, California-based site focuses on up-to-date news bulletins covering industry developments. Now the site includes a new section featuring insurance reviews of auto insurance companies, their history, coverage offerings, web presence, and reputation. This material, plus research articles and active car insurance quotes, makes indispensable to consumers looking for real-life insurance answers.

“I’d like to say we’ve been in a growth phase, but we’re always in a growth phase,” said Jon Davidson, CEO. “Around here we finish one thing and then start looking for what we’re going to do next. Adding the company review section was something I’ve wanted to see happen for quite some time. Before I spend my money, I want some background on the outfit I’m dealing with. I think most people feel that way.”

Each company review provides an overview of the operation, includes a link to its website, and then looks at the site’s presentation of relevant material. For instance, the review of the Progressive website begins with, “Progressive Insurance works mainly via the telephone and Internet, so it should come as no surprise that their website is robust and easy to navigate. There are tabs across the top for their different consumer segments: auto insurance, home & renters insurance, etc., as well as sections for insurance basics, links to articles, blogs, and other resources, and an easy link for filing a claim.”

“Mysteries are for who-dun-its,” said Davidson. “We’re very much about de-mystifying cheap auto insurance for the consumer. With so much of this business taking place online now, having a workable interface with the public should be a major priority with these companies. You have to ask yourself, if they can’t get their website right, what else aren’t they getting right?”

CarInsuranceList gives readers access to multiple points of comparison for any company or quoted premium. Major menu topics include “Insurance Rates” and “Buying Online.” The insurance quote engine is prominently placed and easily accessible. A request for a quote matches a user with an area company prepared to meet state requirements at a good price. Additionally, readers will find educational articles on accident statistics and defensive driving along with “how to” information on topics like avoiding road rage.

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