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June 11, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In the current climate, car buyers feel less than politically correct if they aren’t thinking “fuel efficient” and “environmentally friendly” when they hit the car lot. California-based knows, however, that performance and power enthusiasts remain undaunted by either concern in their love for pushing their machines to the limits. Consequently, the writers at Carseek are working hard to offer useful and comprehensive material to every class of the driving public.

“Buying cars these days is a little tricky in a political sense,” said Wes Mayder, CEO and President of “Nowadays if you boast about your new Ford SUV or talk about the aftermarket performance parts you just slapped on your ride, somebody at the table is likely to go ballistically green in your face. It left us with a dilemma. Which class of drivers do we tailor the site to accommodate? Our answer was simple. All of them. We’ve made a conscious choice to go green and a conscious choice not to abandon the performance lovers.”

The performance niche is alive and well as is the street culture portrayed in the 2001 film, "The Fast and the Furious," which portrayed racers in modified Japanese coupes and sedans terrorizing the streets of LA. Consequently, the popularity of such mods burgeoned and the demand for aftermarket performance parts spiked sharply. “Let’s face it,” said Mayder, “even in a world of $4 a gallon gas there will always be people tuning their cars beyond what anyone thought possible and they will always find ways to pit those cars against one another. I want to be clear. We don’t support illegal street racing, but we do support the culture that wants to take a machine as far as it will go.”

In a recently posted article, “Honda Accord’s Hot Performance Mods,” Carseek’s writers looked at the results to be obtained from adding a cold air intake, a racer pipe, high-flow exhaust manifold, and even swapping out the factory engine for a powerful H22A on a Honda Accord. “I guarantee you there were plenty of people reading that article and drooling over a parts catalog wondering if they could sell the missus on souping up the family car,” said Mayder. “But by the same token, we know there are families struggling to pay their gas bills and we have content for them as well.”

With articles like “Hybrid vs. Gas - Comparison of Costs and Benefits” as well as more than a dozen comprehensive reviews of 2007 and 2008 hybrids offered by makers including Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Mercury, Nissan, and Saturn, Carseek works to help drivers understand this new and sometimes confusing class of vehicles. In a frank examination of hybrid vehicles, Carseek considers issues like vehicle size, reputedly sluggish performance, high cost, and the true facts about fuel efficiency and low environmental impact. Additional titles in the Carseek library include “Hybrid Cars Technology Information - Ford Escape Hybrid SUV” and “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Technology - Information on Alternative Fuel Cars.”

“Some people might accuse us of a schizophrenic approach to automotive coverage in this decision to address power nuts and environmentally, fuel-efficient vehicles under one umbrella,” said Mayder. “But in an industry evolving this rapidly, we simply cannot justify orphaning anyone. The car driving experience in America is changing and we’re committed to changing with it, but right now there are still performance enthusiasts and we’re going to write for them too.”

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