Sportscast Stars Training Announces Media Training for Athletes, Teams, Universities

June 18, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
NEW YORK, NY (June 18, 2008) – Today, more and more athletes are making the career transition from the field or court to the broadcast booth. But the move is not always a seamless one. Talent on the field or court or personal charm aren’t enough to make a gifted athlete into a credible broadcaster or an interesting interview. Sportscast Stars Training can help. Founded by veteran network sports producer Bob Goodrich and experienced interviewer and broadcaster Annie Hoffman, Sportscast Stars Training’s team of media professionals will teach athletes, as well as teams, coaches, administrators and corporate executives about the importance of good communications skills.

Sportscast Stars Training’s instructors are seasoned broadcasting professionals with dozens of years of professional experience on both sides of the microphone and camera, offering a customized approach to group or one-on-one media training. With years of experience, they know what makes for a good interview. Any team or group will benefit from our decades of experience in sports, both in front of and behind network television cameras.

Our instructors include co-founder Bob Goodrich, a 14 time Emmy award winning producer, director and consultant with 36 years of network level experience; award winning Media Trainer and Coach Larry Conroy, whose specialty is one-on-one training; Arthur Joseph, award winning vocal awareness coach, and co-founder Annie Hoffman a seasoned interviewer, broadcaster and moderator with extensive experience in the broadcasting field.

Sportscast Stars Training can help with identifying goals for an interview, crafting a message, maximizing opportunities, appearing relaxed on camera and in public speaking, as well as image development, crisis communications and more. Our media training will teach the skills needed to control the interview, message, and the results. With our guidance, athletes and teams can develop a new attitude and image consistent with their objectives.

Getting a point across to the media and general public is not as easy as it might seem. Even for naturally good public speakers, being a “good interview” is an art and a skill. Sportscast Stars Training is the answer. Your needs, teamed with our unmatched level of expertise, will equal success for your team or organization.

Sportscast Stars Training’s mission is to improve the image of athletes or executives by providing media training and advancing their skills in front of the camera in order to best represent themselves and their respective teams or companies.

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