Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer, Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc., Wants to Tell Consumers About Their Green Priorities

June 19, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Sheldon Mfg., Inc. is a laboratory equipment manufacturer located in Oregon that has an interest in making their culture and production more sustainable. Dan Sheldon, President of Sheldon Manufacturing has made it a business priority to focus on reducing waste, using biodegradable and post consumer products for packaging, and eliminating bottled water around the office.

Recently, Sheldon Mfg., Inc. launched a new green microsite to inform customers about efforts to minimize their footprint on the planet, and provide suggestions about what their customers and industry can do to limit their own footprints. The website speaks to Sheldon’s metal recycling, use of biodegradable packing, being a RoHS compliant company, not using solvent sprays, and offers tips and suggestions for others.

As stated on Sheldon's new microsite, Sheldon Mfg., Inc. is a RoHS compliant company. This means that they do not use restricted chemicals in their products, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl, or Polybrominated diphenyl. RoHS compliance for laboratory equipment is a bit of a gray area because products that are not RoHS compliant may be used as medical devices, and many manufacturers have claimed to be exempt based on this. "While we were going through the lengthy RoHS compliance effort for our ovens, incubators, and constant temperature equipment, we grew to understand why this compliance needs to happen, and that exemption wasn't the path for us." says Mr. Sheldon.

Headquartered in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon, Sheldon Mfg., Inc. has benefited from a close-knit community and they return the favor by being a good corporate citizen. This means participating in service projects and support efforts with local clean water and habitat restoration efforts such as SOLV and Clean Water Services. Recently, the company helped plant saplings along the Tualatin River. The trees will help to shade out the grass species that are over crowding the wetlands.

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Sheldon Mfg., Inc. was created in 1970 to be a worldwide leading manufacturer in constant temperature laboratory equipment. The SHEL LAB line of equipment is used in a wide range of industrial, clinical, and laboratory applications worldwide. Sheldon Mfg., Inc. has been evolving their line of equipment for more than 35 years. To see the whole SHEL LAB product line or for more information, visit the SHEL LAB website,