August 07, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Over the past few months summer sports activities have abounded as they do every summer with opportunities to shake off the winter blues and pep up our posteriors. Or, if being peppy is not what your into and relaxation is, there are an infinite amount of leisure summer activities for the avid "lounger extraordinaire". Invent-Tech has a long list of inventors who have made it their goal, to conceive invention ideas to enhance leisure summertime activities. These inventors are targeting the industry that supplies the consumer with the toys and tools we can't seem to live without. From golf to tennis and boating to casting off from a rolling riverbank on a warm summer day, these promoters of play time have found satisfaction in utilizing Invent-tech's leading invention marketing techniques to bring their unique invention ideas to the playing field.

Even the most avid golf player occasionally hits a ball inaccurately and the ball lands somewhere out of their sight. Searching for the lost ball can be frustrating and cause the game to be delayed, not to mention the cost of having to replace the ball in the event it cannot be recovered. Now there is new product that would aid in easily locating misfired golf balls allowing users to quickly resume their game.
Inventor Lucious B. of Brea, California began developing the idea for the Golf Balls Transmitter in February of 2001. The idea came to him after suffering much frustration due to losing several golf balls.
When a fishing rod is not in use it is important that it is stored properly in order to avoid damage or breakage to the rod. However, one does have to be careful when more than one fishing rod is stored in the same place to avoid the lines from getting tangled with one another. Now there is a new portable product designed to store fishing rods individually keeping them safe from damage and making them easy to transport. Furthermore, there are special compartments to store other fishing equipment such as bait and tackle.
Inventor Deborah L. of Whitesboro, Texas came up with the idea for the Fishing Rod Case in March of 2000. The idea came to her while she was unloading five fishing poles from her truck.
If you have ever navigated a boat, then you know how much practice and concentration it takes to become competent at it. You have to give yourself a lot more room to make turns and reverse, and the weather has a lot more of an effect than if you were in a car. Darlene M., from Yarmouth, Maine likes boating, but wanted something to help her while docking. Thatís why she created the Fold-Out Loop For 15-40 Pleasure Craft.
This great new boating accessory allows the user to safely dock their boat. The Fold-Out Docking Loop For 15-40 Pleasure Craft stops the boat from getting damaged, and folds easily, storing in a compact space. Itís great for anyone that owns a boat.
From the time they can walk, tennis players are trained in the intricacies of the sport. Whether itís serving, returning, or figuring out the proper spin to put on the ball, tennis takes years of practice and hard work. Jim S., a tennis pro, schoolteacher and coach, saw a need for specialized skill development in high school. The Silver Lake, Indiana resident created the Tennis Net Lifter to make tennis drills more demanding.
The Tennis Net Lifter is a net feature that increases difficulty in competitive training. It gives a new perspective, forcing players to hit the ball deeper into the court. The Tennis Net Lifter greatly benefits players needing more depth for singles, as well as more spin on their serves. This valuable new training device is a durable solution to the need to raise the net quickly, and itís also nearly vandal proof, making it great for anyone who plays tennis, especially competitively.
These original ideas are now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, in many different and diverse industries. These Inventors are hoping to have their products and ideas in full production and available to the public within the very near future.
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