Building brand appeal in the auto showroom – first Belgian digital signage project by iDklic and Mercedes

July 02, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
iDklic has recently been selected by Mercedes-Benz Belgium to deploy their first digital signage network nationwide. Over 65 dealerships have already been equipped with the iDklic Media solution.

Whether customers are waiting for their cars to be repaired, or simply passing by, they can enjoy Mercedes-Benz branded content informing them about the history and the novelties of the world-famous brand.

"By using iDklic's integrated digital signage solution, we are able to unify the visual communication at our dealers and convey the Mercedes driving experience. A flat-panel, high-definition NEC digital signage display can portray the driving experience far more vividly than a two-dimensional poster or a newspaper ad ever could" said Kris Coumans. "In addition to brochures we want something that would appeal to our customers on a more sophisticated level, right when they walk in through the door," he added.

"On the digital signage displays we see content that features a lot of motion and clearly communicates the Mercedes driving experience.
The overall objective of the network is to communicate more effectively by standardizing the communication and increasing the Mercedes branding within the dealerships. Using the iDklic digital signage solution, we are able to communicate more dynamically towards our end-customers. On the long term, we even envisage to extend the visual communication by addig additional screens", said Kris Coumans, Sales and Marketing Manager of Mercedes Benz-Belux, then adding that the choice for iDklic was made because they reflect the Mercedes quality standard."

Mercedes-Benz TV is displayed within more than 66 dealerships, including "smart" car dealerships. The integrated iDklic Media solution makes use of the Swiss famous Navori Tycoon Enterprise software suite including the new web-based scheduling tool. The integrated iDmedia solution is mounted in a heavily trafficked area of the dealership to provide maximum exposure.

The selection of the content as well as the front-end programming will be executed by Mercedes-Benz Belux. The network of screens will be managed and programmed through the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz in Woluwe. iDklic Network, iDklic's specialised operator branch will ensure the delivery into the network as well as the maintenance of the total HDTV solution.

The content selected by Mercedes-Benz Belux mainly originates from national productions and Mercedes-Benz TV- - the Internet TV channel of the brand. The entire broadcast loop is a well studied mixture of television commercials and documentaries.

iDklic Creative, iDklic's in-house creative studio, will deliver content adaptation services and the production of commercial messages on the network. The in-house post production makes it possible to maximize the performance of the NEC public displays: All of the content is played in full screen to take full advantage of the HD ready resolution of the display.
The playlist combines Mercedes-Benz product videos with information about the cars and other products to improve customer communications, marketing and sales efforts, and to influence purchasing decisions at the point of sale, where it matters most. Idklic Creative will ensure that the information being broadcasted to customers is always interesting and timely.

iDklic installed the digital signage network for Mercedes-Benz Belux and continues to provide all the dealerships with ongoing maintenance and management for their digital signage network.

"The choice for Navori Tycoon Enterprise was made after a rigorous selection process. As the co-operation is signed for at least 36 months, and Mercedes-Benz is a high-end car maker, we needed to have a solution reflecting the same quality standards. Swiss company Navori is reflecting these high-end qualities. In addition, Navori is a reliable software supplier from which we are sure that we can rely on, it will adapt its software suite with the most up to date market requirements, i.e. the webbased interface. " said Jean-Charles Figoni, Strategy Director of iDklic.
"Subsequently, we needed a solution with the lowest "fall-out" ratio on the market and the lowest operational cost on a long term base. With Navori-Tycoon Enterprise, we are certain to have a 100% reliable software tool which is capable to deliver our content anytime and acts as a partner during the whole deployment and customer-support process over the next 3 years " added Nathaniel Van Parijs, Technology Director of iDklic.
"We have done tests on different software tools, and we have found out that our content is most easily adapted on the Navori-Tycoon Enterprise software suite. Both stability as image quality are superior said Miriam Taub, Creative Director of iDklic.

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Mercedes-Benz, the world's oldest automaker. Today, it the core brand of the Mercedes Car Group. The Mercedes-Benz brand stands for modern and innovative automobiles, and for quality, safety and comfort.
Mercedes-Benz enjoys an excellent reputation, particularly in the area of safety technology. Many pioneering technical innovations that have today become standard automotive features were first seen in Mercedes-Benz cars. These include the crumple zone (1959), ABS (1978), airbags (1980), belt pretensioners (1980), ESP (1995), PRE-SAFE® (2002), as well as many other milestones in passenger vehicle technology.