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July 08, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News has continued to grow and to evolve since its founding in 2002 in an effort to stay abreast of developments in the industry and in our society that effect drivers and their car insurance needs. Now the company, based in San Jose, California, has added information on alternative forms of transportation, specifically small urban vehicles for commuting and shopping, in recognition of the impact of rising fuel costs on consumers. This material, plus research articles, active car insurance quotes, and insurance company reviews makes indispensable to consumers looking for real-life insurance answers.

"Fuel costs are just killing people," said Jon Davidson, CEO. "Consumers are looking for alternate forms of transportation for short commutes and for running around town. People are getting motorcycles and electric scooters and trying to figure out how those things fit into their overall insurance picture. It was time to add some material to help them ask the right questions and find the right answers."

Although usage figures for public transportation and carpooling are on the rise, consumers are also turning to small electric vehicles, motorbikes, mini-cars, and even electric-assist bicycles for short distance driving. Depending on the driver, location and type of vehicle, each carries unique requirements for legality on the road and insurance requirements.

"Basically everyone knows how to insure a car and understands that you have to have car insurance," said Davidson. "But that understanding gets muddy when you start looking at different types of vehicles. Some people mistakenly think that if they have one liability insurance policy they're covered in anything they're driving, which simply is not true and can be a costly misconception."

Most scooters, for instance, must abide by the same rules as motorcycles. Drivers must acquire a motorcycle license, have the vehicle inspected routinely, and carry specific insurance for the scooter. "Sure there are some gray areas, and although bicycles are street legal, you don't need to insure them, but anything above that? You better check into it rather than risk being without coverage. Plus, laws vary from state to state," said Davidson.

Specialized sections of this nature reflect CarInsuranceList's commitment to educating readers as well as to giving them access to multiple points of comparison for any company or quoted premium. Major menu topics, for instance, include "Insurance Rates" and "Buying Online." The insurance quote engine is prominently placed and easily accessible. A request for a quote matches a user with an area company prepared to meet state requirements at a good price. Additionally, readers will find articles on accident statistics and defensive driving along with "how to" information on topics like avoiding road rage.

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