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July 22, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
California-based has built a reputation for being honest with its readers. Consequently, the site now includes a section on "Life at $200 a Barrel" aimed at helping motorists address the reality of a world where gasoline could reach $6 to $7 a gallon. The speed with which the rocketing cost of crude oil is driving life changes in the American public and demanding that U.S. citizens decrease their dependence on fossil fuel is bewildering. People are struggling to take the most constructive steps in their own lives to face the financial challenge, to achieve fuel efficiency, and to make good environmental choices.

"It used to be about kicking the tires," said Wes Mayder, CEO and President of "Car buying and being a driver in America will never be that easy again. We want to help people to really understand what's going on with the cost of gasoline and to become activists to reverse their personal reliance on fossil fuels and Mid-East oil. When sufficient numbers of people are making good personal choices, you get society-wide change."

Oil prices effect all aspects of the world economy, with a widening U.S. trade deficit devaluing the dollar on the world stage. Consumers, however, have more power than they realize in how they spend their money. Already the downturn in sales of SUVs and trucks in the United States is causing major automakers to rush fuel-efficient compacts and hybrids out of development and into production.

"We want people to understand that the petroleum market effects multiple aspects of their lives, not just what they're putting in the tanks of their cars," said Mayder. "How we behave, where and what we buy, has a huge market impact. We aren't pawns of the big oil companies and we can effect change. Becoming an activist against fossil fuel dependence isn't counter to the personal transportation we all love, it just means it's time for that transportation and out habits to evolve."

By decreasing travel time and relying on techniques like teleconferencing, taking "staycations" rather than driving all over the country, altering driving behavior with "hypermiling" techniques to improve mileage, and shopping competitively for gasoline, people effect the market for fuel. As the "$200 a Barrel" article's author John Prinz writes, "If each of us replaces or diminishes at least one oil-consuming habit in our lives, perhaps we can prevent the many hardships we are facing, one barrel of oil at a time."

With this new section and articles like "Hybrid vs. Gas - Comparison of Costs and Benefits" as well as more than a dozen comprehensive reviews of 2007 and 2008 hybrids offered by makers including Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Mercury, Nissan, and Saturn, Carseek is at the forefront of guiding drivers' choices in this new era of critical oil-based issues.

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