Let 'Er Rip: Aesthetic VideoSource Presents "Advanced Brazilian Bikini Waxing" DVD

July 12, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Salt Lake City, UT Let 'er rip with some new techniques and colorful, creative twists on Brazilian bikini waxing. In Aesthetic VideoSource's new Advanced Brazilian Bikini Waxing, licensed aesthetician and instructor, Ashlie Long, demonstrates how to provide four different types of bikini wax services for your clients: Classic Brazilian, Sphinx, Customized Design (with template and freehand), and Color.

In the step-by-step demonstrations, Long shows how to simultaneously use hard and soft wax to efficiently remove some or all of the hair in the bikini area - front and back. She also guides you through client preparation, positioning, supplies, minimizing discomfort, precautions, wax consistency, hygiene, and post-treatment skincare. Throughout, she provides useful tips that will make the procedure more comfortable and pleasant for your clients, including a discreet draping method.

For pubic hair color, Long shows how to use two types of products: one with a two-step approach (bleach plus color), and another that is a one-step approach. Various colors are on the market that your clients will love. Natural shades are great for coloring grey pubic hair or just matching one's colored coif. And bright shades, like pink and green, make for a fun alternative.

In line with fun alternatives, Long also demonstrates how to shape the pubic hair into simple designs. She shows how to outline the area freehand or with templates, and then how to wax and tweeze to achieve the desired shape. In this DVD, she demonstrates how to provide heart and triangle designs.

"My clients love their bikini waxes," says Long. "The freedom from shaving makes them feel more hygienic and clean and, after two to three treatments, their hair growth is reduced to a minimum."

"This video addresses the classics as well as some fun, creative offerings for your clients," says Shirley Erickson Gorospe, president of Aesthetic VideoSource. "Your clients will particularly love the colorful shapes and the positioning that Ashlie demonstrates for waxing the buttock area: a much more comfortable and discreet way than is usually done."

Ashlie Long is a licensed esthetician and instructor, and has been providing bikini waxing services since 2003. She currently has over 200 regular bikini waxing clients, making this her most sought-after service.

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Contact Info Advanced Brazilian Bikini Waxing (2 Hrs. 14 Mins.) can be ordered for $69.95 plus shipping, by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting www.VideoShelf.com. Additional instructional waxing DVDs are also available: Flawless Body Waxing, Eyebrow Contouring & Facial Waxing, The Art of Men's Waxing, and Creative Brazilian Waxing Techniques.

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