With the NHL Returning to the Ice FinnStar Looks to Continue Growth

August 12, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Fueled by organic growth, solid business practices & dedication to the customer FinnStar Hockey looks to add more than one hundred new retail outlets to their listing of dealers across North America and Europe. "While we did not notice a downturn in business due to the NHL lockout this past season and quite contrary we noticed an increase in dealerships by more than 40% the effect if the lockout was to continue would have likely started to show it`s ugly head in the next two to three years" said V.P. of Sales & Marketing Evan J. Andriopoulos of FinnStar. "the effect on the game and the manufacturers eventually would have been great as the fan`s interest in hockey would have likely started to fade with another one to two years of a lockout" followed Andriopoulos.

"Being a little company with limited overhead we have stayed the course with our very well planned business model, which is fueled by organic growth, great products and a true dedication to offering products to players and coaches by our team of former and current players and coaches. We have focused on Europe where there has been hockey and we have seen a tremendous volume of growth in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We have received a tremendous volume of interest from dealers in non-hockey kingdoms like the United Kingdom and Italy as well" said an energetic Andriopoulos. Our business model is simple "to create products that enhance one`s ability to enjoy playing".

FinnStar Hockey has more than 90 retail outlets in the US, Canada, & in Europe and is a partner of the United Hockey League, leagues and teams across the globe. Founded in 1995 FinnStar is celebrating more than 10 years in business. For more information please go to www.finnstarhockey.com