PriceHitter Embraces Open Source Infrastructure

July 29, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
LOS ANGELES (July 29, 2008) - PriceHitter, a startup in the already crowded and highly competitive field of shopping search engines, today announced complete migration to the PHP scripting language for its back-end Operations.

The young company which was already relying on Apache, has now created the robust and open source combination of Linux, Mysql, Apache and Php for its Infrastructural needs.

"We've been growing sequentially, over the past few months and switching to Open Source was a natural course of action," said Gautam Manohar, CTO of PriceHitter. "In a highly competitive business like shopping comparison, which normally shifts to high gear during the fourth quarter, this was something we knew we had to do before the last quarter. We had to build a system which could scale fast with an acceptable level of reliability, and at the same time was cost effective."

PriceHitter which is a purely data driven website, has a daily schedule of clustering and sorting products, prices, deals, availability and images from various online merchants and Partners. "PHP is an easy and flexible language which can be embedded within tags, and this ensures that programmers don't have to write pages of code to get desired HTML outputs," says Gautam, "This flexibility allows us to continuously fine tune our systems without too much overhead. We chose PHP over other alternatives like Perl or ASP primarily because it is a server side scripting language and because of the large international community of developers always on call for PHP newbie's."

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