Filmetrics Releases New F10-VC Spectrometer for Vacuum Coating Applications

August 11, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Diego CA, August 2008. Filmetrics has announced the release of its next generation spectrometer, the F10-VC, which measures accurate reflectance and transmittance simultaneously. The F10-VC offers unmatched affordability, speed, and ease of use for your vacuum coating analysis application. With the system's simple-to-use software, one click of the mouse instantly reports minimum and maximum reflectance and transmittance values in user-configurable wavelength ranges.

The F10-VC's small footprint means that it can easily be integrated anywhere into your operation. Your F10-VC arrives as a turn-key package, complete with a laptop, preloaded software, and reference and thickness standards. The F10-VC comes standard with Edge-Finding, FWHM analysis routines, color analysis, and Filmetrics proprietary AutoBaseline feature. A simple upgrade module gives the F10-VC increased analytical power, adding thickness and index solving capabilities.

"The introduction of the F10-VC represents a huge step forward in Vacuum Coating characterization. It enables simultaneous reflectance and transmittance, reduces chances for operator error, and increases the number of samples that can be tested in a given amount of time exponentially," stated Scott Chalmers, Filmetrics Inc President. "By introducing the F10-VC, we have taken another big step in reducing the cost and time to characterize vacuum coatings."

With years of experience in the thin-film metrology field, Filmetrics provides a simple-to-understand user interface and unparalleled support. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Filmetrics has a full line of thin-film measurement systems and is continually developing new products and technologies that bring greater efficiency to thin-film metrology. Filmetrics was founded in 1995 and has quickly established itself as an innovator in the thin-film measurement industry. For more information on the F10-VC and other Filmetrics Inc products, visit or call 1-858-573-9300.