i-Sight Investigative Case Tracking System Implemented at the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts to Cut Hours from Investigative Process

August 14, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Ottawa, Canada August 14, 2008 - Customer Expressions announced today that the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts has implemented the i-Sight Investigative Case Management Software to streamline investigations of insurance fraud.

When the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) of Massachusetts formed in 1991, it employed just four investigators. Today, 40 investigators actively examine fraudulent insurance transactions, supported by administrative, legal and research divisions.
Wholly funded by the insurance industry in Massachusetts, the IFB is dedicated to the systematic elimination of fraudulent insurance transactions. Insurance Fraud Bureau personnel work with insurance companies' claim and investigative staffs; local, state and federal police departments; and agencies in other states to prevent, investigate and prosecute fraud.
The Challenge
Previously, the IFB managed cases with an internally developed system. As the organization grew, it recognized the need to streamline its process. In particular, investigators spent hours at the close of each case completing about half a dozen required forms for administrative and accounting staff effectively duplicating information already in the case management system.

Investigators provided reports to managers every two weeks, making it difficult to troubleshoot cases in real time. When managers wanted certain reports, they put in a request to administrative staff, which then created an Access database for a specific query. That forced managers to wait typically half a day for information. "If I need to know the number of worker's compensation fraud cases in western Massachusetts, I should be able to pull up my own reports," said Tony DiPaolo, VP, Chief of Investigations.

In addition, the opening of several offices around the state made it more challenging for managers to oversee cases, driving the need for real-time information access.

The Solution
IFB briefly considered building a new case management system in house, but knew it would be faster and more cost-effective to find an existing application with the desired functionality. The organization looked at more than 10 different case management solutions before narrowing the pool down to a list of four. After seeing proposals and demos, i-Sight Case Management Software from Customers Expressions emerged as the best match for IFB's needs providing the desired functionality, affordability and short ramp-up time.

"i-Sight was clearly the winner for us," DiPaolo said. "It met our needs better than any other solution. We can map it to our workflow, and with the whole system online, managers can check case progress at the main office and satellite offices at any time. Plus, Customer Expressions was flexible and amenable to provide any customization we might need."

"The fact that i-Sight is already in use at a very similar organization in another state gave us the confidence that it will work for us," added Tom Simon, VP, Administration.

IFB even went onsite at the West Virginia Insurance Commission to see i-Sight in action. Due to the sensitive nature of IFB data, the agency also put i-Sight through additional paces by initiating a security audit by an outside firm. That gave IFB the confidence that i-Sight has all the proper security measures in place to protect the organization's critical data.

Customer Expressions worked closely with IFB to understand the agency's processes and ensure the system matches that workflow. With i-Sight, IFB still follows its same case management process, but now more efficiently with i-Sight managing previously manual parts of the workflow. As cases come in and are assigned, workflow rules guide investigations from one step to the next, automatically informing relevant parties of the status. They can attach all related documents, ensuring that everyone that touches a case has the complete information.

The Web-based nature of the system makes information across all investigators and offices available to managers at any time. Likewise, administrative and accounting personnel will have what they need without waiting for investigators to submit forms.

In fact, investigators will no longer have to create forms manually to close out a case. All the information resides in i-Sight for those who need it.

Managers can run ad hoc reports anytime easily and on their own. They can also more quickly prepare more comprehensive reports.

On a daily basis, i-Sight will significantly reduce the time investigators spend filling out forms manually. All the key information resides in i-Sight and the system alerts administration and accounting when an investigation is complete.

"i-Sight will expedite cases," DiPaolo said. "It will ensure that investigators spend their time on cases, rather than filling out reports. We expect to process more cases with the same staff and streamline administration of the whole process."

Managers can check in on cases at any time, giving them insight at least 1-2 weeks earlier than before. When they need other reports, those are available at the click of a few buttons, which is about half a day sooner than before and doesn't require administrative staff time.

Those benefits mean higher productivity across the entire agency and more-informed decision-making. "We'll make smarter decisions based on sound information," Simon said.

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