XDepth® High Dynamic Range Video Compression Technology on the Market

August 20, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Trellis Management Co. Ltd. presents the world's first commercially available and backward-compatible High Dynamic Range Video compression technology.

The ongoing research and development involving XDepth technologies brought a whole new set of solutions to the light.
Today Trellis Management demonstrates on its XDepth website, at www.xdepth.com, the world's first commercially available High Dynamic Range Video compression technology.

XDepth HDR-Video is a complete, multi-compatible HDR Video encoding and real-time playback solution engineered to work with any standard video codec on the market, either lossy or lossless.
Conversely to other technologies, XDepth HDR-Video isn't "tone mapping" dependant and offers an outstanding quality to file-size ratio.

XDepth HDR-Video files can thus be encoded in any known video format, from Mpeg-1 up to the latest Mpeg-4 and H.264, always resulting in a backward-compatible AVI file that can be normally played by any standard Media Player.

The peculiar efficiency of the XDepth HDR-Video encoding technology allows for complete HDR luma and chroma recovery at a fraction of the computations required by other solutions and HDR Video AVI files to always weigh very similarly to their standard 24bit/pixel counterpart.
The XDepth HDR-Video Player is built over the latest technologies and allows the execution of custom filters over the whole video stream in real-time.

High Dynamic Range Video compression technologies find their best applications in advanced surveillance systems, military applications, high-contrast video capturing for scientific analysis or entertainment purposes, HDR Display devices, 3D rendering and video editing within the multimedia production industry.

The availability of XDepth HDR-Video technologies will drastically reduce the need for expensive high-speed data- transfer interfaces, enormous amounts of storage devices, solid memories and custom video codecs, usually required when capturing, compressing and storing video at non-standard high bit-depths.

Interested parties can contact XDepth personnel and managers for more information through our contact page at: www.xdepth.com/contact.php