Despatch Industries Introduces New In-Line Rapid Thermal Shock Tool

August 28, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Minneapolis, Minn., - August 28, 2008 Despatch Industries, the leading process technology provider for the solar industry, is proud to announce their latest innovation for solar cell producers, the In-Line Rapid Thermal Shock (IL-RTS) tool. Despatch developed the IL-RTS in response to the industry's desire to reduce silicon usage by using thinner wafers.

The IL-RTS design is based off of Despatch's Rapid Thermal Shock product line, which is primarily used for testing the effect of thermal strain on electronic components. The new in-line version has taken the same technology and created a tool that is suitable for applying a low temperature thermal profile to solar cells.

"We created the IL-RTS to provide today's solar cell structures with a simple, cost effective alternative to low-bow pastes and technologies," states Brian Bunkenburg, Director of New Product Management. "This revolutionary new tool is an industry first solution to the challenges associated with using wafers 200µ and thinner in solar cell production.

The IL-RTS is compatible with any firing furnace without the need for additional automation equipment. After moving through the firing furnace, cells enter the IL-RTS and are rapidly cooled to stabilize thermal stresses. Following cooling, cells are warmed in a controlled environment to prevent condensation. The tool's exit table accepts cell tester automation equipment to give manufacturer's a completely seamless in-line process.

Despatch's expanded photovoltaic product portfolio now includes the new stand alone IL-RTS tool, the recently introduced 60MW dual-lane firing furnace, the integrated In-line Diffusion System and the flagship metallization firing furnaces and dryers. Despatch has sold over 7GW of photovoltaic production capacity worldwide. Products in the Despatch PV portfolio are consistently recognized for superior thermal processing control, improved cost of ownership, value-added feature sets and ease of maintenance.

Despatch's customers, the top solar manufacturers in the world, have recognized Despatch Industries as the best in class for short lead times, on-time delivery and world class service. Customers demand more from the market leader, and Despatch delivers with on-time equipment and an unmatched global service and support network committed to ensure that Despatch equipment is always operating at peak performance.

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