Coral Gables Martial Arts School Hosts South Florida Martial Arts Camp October 1st and 2nd, 2005

August 20, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Coral Gables, FL –Sandor Urban’s US Kenpo Kai located in Coral Gables Florida, will host a weekend long martial arts training camp on October 1st and 2nd, 2005. The event is sponsored by American Pro-Health Rehab, a Coral Gables business that specializes in therapeutic rehabilitation for a variety of injuries. The internationally renown instructors include Grandmaster Cacoy Canete, President of the Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation Eskrima/ Eskrido/ Pangamot, Maatas Na Guro and Professor of the Arts Zach Whitson, founder of the Kenpo Counterpoint System, Guro Chad Bailey, Grandmaster of the Progressive Arnis system, and rising Hollywood action star and writer Martin Wheeler, certified instructor of Systema a Russian Martial Art.

“This is the Third Annual Martial Arts festival that our school is hosting and we are really excited about the spectacular lineup of instructors at this year’s event. It is a very unique honor to have Grandmaster Cacoy Canete here in south Florida” said Sifu Sandor Urban. “The other instructors for the event are all returning instructors from last years camp and we are very pleased to have them once again.”
The legendary Ciriaco "Cacoy" Canete of Cebu Philippines is a prominent, internationally known martial artist who travels the globe to share, teach and demonstrate his martial art skills to others. Currently the Grandmaster promotes his art for self-defense, sport and personal well-being. "Cacoy" Canete is the last surviving member and the only 12th degree black belt and the highest ranking member of the famed Doce Pares Eskrima Club. He started Eskrima at age 7 under the oldest of eight, brother "Momoy". Now 85 years old, Grandmaster Canete's list of achievements is extensive. Here are some of the highlights: Founding member of the fame Doce Pares Eskrima Club in 1932, Amateur Boxer, Cebu City 1937-1939, US Armed Forces Guerilla 1942, Retired Lieutenant, Military Police, Philippine Army 1947, Wrestler, Philippine National Wrestling Association, Black Belts: Shorin Ryu Karate 1964, Kodokan Judo 1957, Aikido 1972, Retired Captain, Reserve Armed Forces of the Philippines 1970, President Champion Trophy, 1st National Arnis Masters Open 3/24/79, Champion, 1st National Arnis Invitational, 8/19/79, Cebu Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Philippines 1997, Sports Commissioner of Eskrima, Cebu City - Current Commissioner on Sports Cebu City, 1998 – 2002, Commissioner on Sports Cebu City 1998 – 2002.
A religious man, who has never challenged anyone, Cacoy never refused a good fight to protect his family's Doce Pares Club and good name. He is undefeated in no-holds-barred weapon fights. His goal in martial arts is to offer confidence to those with low self-esteem, courage to the intimidated, and nurture responsibility among citizens. He has authored several articles and three books; "Basic Eskrima," 1988, "Pangamot (Barehanded Defense System)," 2000, and the book "Eskrido," in 2004.

Since last year’s event, incredible things have happened for many of the instructors involved. Guro Chad Bailey was featured in Lincoln Road magazine along with Shin Wellness in an impressive article describing the benefits of accupunture and massage. Zach Whitson has been accepted into the International Knife Maker’s Guild and release his second instructional video for Kenpo Counterpoint.

Martin Wheeler played a role as Sergei in the newest of Wesley Snipes’ movies titled 7 seconds, a film which Wheeler also wrote the script. Wheeler’s career has really taken off as a screenwriter in the past year with several movies in production and the upcoming release of director Alexander Gruszynski new movie “Black Dawn” starring Steven Seagal now in post production.

“I have known Martin for over ten years and his talents are seemingly endless and always inspiring. The successes he has achieved truly embody the ‘no limits’ positive mindset of the martial arts and have made him one of the most popular guest instructors at our school and events. I am very proud of his recent achievements” continued Sifu Urban.

The seminars and workshops being held will cover a variety of martial arts systems and are open to all martial arts students. For more information contact Sandor Urban at (305) 261-4787, or visit Sandor Urban’s US Kenpo Kai is located on Red Road between the cities of West Miami and Coral Gables, Florida.