"Custom" New Jersey Fire Alarms And Sprinklers Systems To Reduce Commercial Business Liability Is New Focus Of FireSecurity101.com

September 01, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fire Security 101 has determined that Commercial Business owners in New Jersey and Philadelphia are searching for "customized" fire systems and sprinklers systems solutions in order to comply with state and local fire code regulations. Their clients tell them that having a qualified and experienced fire code inspection expert to consult with on an as-needed basis is helping assure continued avoidance of code violations and costly fines.

The State of New Jersey is very serious about enforcing the various rules and regulations associated with the state and local fire codes. Commercial business owners throughout Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia are turning to professional fire systems and sprinkler system installers to assure that they navigate the often confusing code successfully and avoid legal liability and potentially massive fines. The various fire codes, however, are proving difficult to comply with when using the traditional method of designing and installing "cookie-cutter" fire systems and sprinklers.

A customized approach to fire system design and sales is being sought by the more savvy commercial business owners in New Jersey and Philadelphia. When so many factors can impact which exact fire code rules and regulations apply to a particular commercial business, many owners have already found themselves with code violations and fines. Designing a customized fire system and sprinkler system solution can help avoid these issues.

Initially designing and installing the fire system itself to assure New Jersey State and Philadelphia City local compliance is only part of the process. Once the system has been installed, it is extremely helpful to have a fire inspection expert at hand in order to file all the proper paperwork, obtain the needed licenses, keep current with any fire code changes or updates, and consider any changes to the commercial business itself which may require fire and sprinkler systems updates.

Most commercial business owners in Southern NJ and Philadelphia, however, did not have the luxury of having their fire systems custom-installed themselves. When this is the case, the system may not be adequate for today's fire code standards. Having a professional fire code inspection expert to consult with in these types of situations may very well prove to be invaluable in the quest to avoid fire code violations, fines, and maybe even temporary business closure until you remedy a major violation and get into compliance.

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